VIDEO: Trudeau Wants To Fight 2019 Election On Carbon Tax. Scheer Tells Trudeau “Bring It On

“One minute you’re talking about making polluters pay, the next, you’re cutting special exemptions so that big companies, big emitters with powerful government relations experts will get exemptions of up to 90% of the carbon tax.”

Justin Trudeau has said he’s glad to fight the 2019 election on the carbon tax.

Andrew Scheer responded:

“Bring it on.”

Here’s what Scheer said in a video:

“Justin Trudeau says he wants to fight the 2019 campaign on the Carbon Tax? Bring it on. We’re ready.”

Scheer made an essential point: Trudeau said the carbon tax was about making “polluters pay,” yet is giving massive exemptions to some of the biggest companies.

Yet, those exemptions are not being given to the vast majority of Canadians, meaning individuals and families are being slammed with the destructive tax while those with powerful political connections get exemptions.

That totally destroys the whole idea of “polluter pay” and reveals the carbon tax as what we all know it really is: Another way to rip-off and gouge Canadian taxpayers.

Canadians across the country have turned against the tax, with the majority of the country now living in a province where the provincial government is fighting against the carbon tax.

If Trudeau wants to fight the election on that, he will face massive opposition, and Canadians will need to punish him at the ballot box.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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