WATCH: Despite Being In Power Almost 3 Years, Trudeau Blames Pilot Recruitment Problems On Harper

Even as the numbers keep dropping under the Trudeau Liberals, Justin refuses to take any responsibility.

In Question Period, Opposition Defence Critic James Bezan ripped the Trudeau government for the failure to recruit new pilots for the Canadian Air Force.

Bezan said it’s not a surprise that people aren’t signing up, considering they would have to fly old fighter jets being purchased from Australia.

While the Conservatives certainly should have done more to build up the Air Force, the fact is that Justin Trudeau has been in power for three years, meaning he has to take responsibility for what is going on under his ‘leadership.’

And what’s going on in the Air Force isn’t good.

As I recently reported, the Air Force is 275 pilots short, and is falling further behind every year as attrition outpaces recruitment.

Part of the problem is that people can see how little the government cares about the Air Force. The Conservatives were at least trying to get new, advanced fighter jets for the military, whereas the Trudeau government is getting terrible hand-me-down planes from Australia. The planes are so bad that they will need expensive upgrades, and the reason Australia is getting rid of them is that they’re actually getting new planes for their pilots.

The Air Force is being treated as an afterthought, and people can see it clearly. Yet, when challenged, Justin Trudeau refused to take responsibility, and tried deflecting all blame onto the Harper government.

Trudeau’s inability to take responsibility for the failures happening under his watch is a pattern we’ve seen the whole time he’s been in power.

The question for Canadians is, why should Justin Trudeau be given any more time in power when all he can do is blame the previous government when something goes wrong?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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we know what the Prime idiot is all about ….when cant think fast enough BLAME HARPER

Don Taylor

Turdeau Has to be the craziest ,most ignorant PM ever


Yes possibly one of the dumbest people ever to hold office ever what does that say for the people that support him ??


He learned the blame game well from obama, the first 4 years of obama was all Bushes fault, it didn’t stop after his first term either.

Norbert Kausen

It just goes to show how extremely INCOMPETENT Trudeau and his gang of miscreantstruly are!!! Most of us had known that from the very beginning!


kick him the hell out he doesn’t look after his people in Canada so why should they put their lives on the line when all he thinks about is giving other countries our monies

Judi Edwards

our PM does not have one honest bone in his body…. he is all out for ANY kind of attention he can get… he has made it his MANDATE.. to be the WORST governing IDIOT of this century…. Please GOD take care of us.. before we are destroyed by Trudeau..


Paul Hellyer’s integration of the armed forces in the 1960’s is also to blame. When I graduated high school in 1968 I needed financial help to go to university. I tried to enlist in the Canadian armed forces as a pilot. I was told that because the armed forces were now “unified” I couldn’t specify what I wanted to do – I would go where I was told. Needless to say, I walked out of the recruiting office in Vancouver and never came back.