WATCH: Politically-Correct Liberal MP Is Afraid To Say “Fishermen,” Says “Fisherfolks” Instead

What is this world coming to?

Like a virus, political correctness keeps spreading and infecting everything.

Recently, a Liberal MP in the House of Commons started talking about fishing.

He then said “Fishermen,” which is the term everybody uses.

But then, he got scared, realizing that he might have ‘offended’ the pathetic social justice warrior snowflakes (like Mr. “Peoplekind” Justin Trudeau), by saying anything with ‘men’ in it.

So he tried saying “fisherfolks,” but kept slipping up every time – since political correctness isn’t a natural thing.

You can watch the moment in the Ontario Proud video below:

Team Trudeau just added “fishermen” to its list of naughty words They prefer fisherfolk or fishpeople. Seriously 😂😂😂

As Plague of Progs said on Twitter, “This Orwellian insanity .WTF is the matter with these idiots.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I wonder how he feels about the word “Idiotkind” …..


As we all are concerned with this “Orwellian insanity”, dog and pony show, by drama queens, Lieberals, what either should have been being looked after or what are these sneaks trying to distract our attention from. When I as a young girl visiting my uncle who owned a wharf and fishing boats, back when the licenses for the wharf and fishing could only be passed along to their sons, they invited me out on the boats, I loved it and was very proud when they told me I was a natural fisherman, back then they and I knew I was… Read more »


Send this to the USA PRONTO . Those type of ”folks” go bonkers when there stupidity is displayed to the outside world. It has worked wonders in Quebec.
On the other hand, Obama loved that word didnt he.

Dale Barry

Another Fish Head

Gonzo the Magnificent

Please don’t insult my fish friends by getting them involved in this utter stupidity. They are horrified they are being used in this context. It is even beneath their dignity.


Backing the wrong horse. This is why the left takes umbrage to the conservative movement. We should say “yeah, there are women in the industry. Correct usage of the term.” When we become militants in the opposition it undermines our position. Let’s be reasonable with the pronouns but this is not overtly Liberal in its sense like the “peoplekind” thing. Like we could all do better in the next election if we said. “Yeah weed, who cares. Let’s move forward and make it a conservative thing too”. That would eliminate half Trudeau’s support base. Fight the good fight guys and… Read more »


LOL Fisherfolks what…. OK well 2019 it is coming let’s show Trudeau what we think of his peoplekind!


Just a party of fools