WATCH: Politically-Correct Liberal MP Is Afraid To Say “Fishermen,” Says “Fisherfolks” Instead

What is this world coming to?

Like a virus, political correctness keeps spreading and infecting everything.

Recently, a Liberal MP in the House of Commons started talking about fishing.

He then said “Fishermen,” which is the term everybody uses.

But then, he got scared, realizing that he might have ‘offended’ the pathetic social justice warrior snowflakes (like Mr. “Peoplekind” Justin Trudeau), by saying anything with ‘men’ in it.

So he tried saying “fisherfolks,” but kept slipping up every time – since political correctness isn’t a natural thing.

You can watch the moment in the Ontario Proud video below:

Team Trudeau just added “fishermen” to its list of naughty words They prefer fisherfolk or fishpeople. Seriously 😂

As Plague of Progs said on Twitter, “This Orwellian insanity .WTF is the matter with these idiots.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter