ARROGANCE: Justin Trudeau REFUSES To Answer Question On Why Criminal Who Never Served In Military Is Getting Treatment Covered By Veterans Affairs

Trudeau seems to think he’s simply above answering questions he doesn’t like, even though it’s called Question Period.

Justin Trudeau’s arrogance was on display once again.

In Question Period, he was asked about the outrageous situation in which a man convicted of murder – and who never served in the Canadian military in any capacity whatsoever – is having his PTSD treatment paid for by Veterans Affairs Canada.

As a Conservative MP pointed out in his question, if a Canadian soldier had been convicted of the same crime and had been discharged from the military, they wouldn’t have any of their treatment paid for by VAC.

Canadians want answers on this outrage, but when he was asked, Justin Trudeau outright refused to answer the question:

As Conservative MP Candice Bergen said, “This is outrageous! Trudeau won’t answer a question about giving a convicted murderer benefits that should go to our veterans much less reverse the decision. It’s shameful.”

By refusing to answer the question, Trudeau shows that he believes he’s above everyone else, and can dismiss any question he disagrees with.

That kind of arrogance is a huge broken promise, since he claimed he would lead the most “open and transparent” government ever.

So much for that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter