REPORT: Study Showing Supposed Carbon Tax ‘Benefits’ Is Easily Debunked

As opposition to the carbon tax surges, the establishment elites are desperately trying to reshape public opinion.

The elites are out in force today, making a big deal out of a ‘study’ showing big carbon tax benefits.

It was written about in the National Post, and here’s an excerpt:

The Liberals’ Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act requires Ottawa to return tax revenue to the province where it was raised in cases where it has imposed a “backstop” carbon tax in the absence of a recognized provincial climate plan. Trudeau has indicated that, rather than sending a rebate to the governments of those provinces, he may choose to send the money directly to its households.

“Research by environmental economist Dave Sawyer of EnviroEconomics suggests that in this scenario most households, regardless of income level, would receive more money from the federal government than they would pay in carbon taxes.

The Conservatives have long railed against the Liberals’ “tax on everything” but the study of three provinces suggests those households — particularly at the lower end of the income spectrum — would end up better off. The amount they receive would rise over time in line with the direct carbon tax, which will start at $20-per-tonne next January and rise to $50-a-tonne in 2022.”

Here’s the big problem with that:

The study claims the carbon tax would cost an Ontario household making between $60,000 and $80,000 a total of $165 “more in increased direct carbon costs for energy.” The cost in Alberta is $249, the cost for Saskatchewan is $259.

Yet, that directly contradicts what was found by Economics Professor Jennifer Winter from the University of Calgary:

‘“Using energy-consumption data from Statistics Canada, and imputing prices from average household expenditure on transportation fuels and provincial gasoline prices, Winter calculated the impact of the carbon tax on a typical Canadian household across different provinces. Far from being painless as advertised, the costs to households will be significant.”

The cost in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia will be $1,111, $1,032, and 1,120 respectively for the average household.

In New Brunswick, Newfoundland, PEI and Ontario, the cost will be $963, $859, $788, and $707.

The lowest costs will still hit families with a hug tax increase, $683 in Manitoba, $662 in Quebec, and $603 in BC.”

Now, it’s very important to keep those numbers in mind.

Because the study claiming carbon tax ‘benefits’ says the rebate will be $350 per household in Ontario, $868 in Alberta, and $1075 in Saskatchewan.

So, the average household in Ontario will end up $357 worse-off, the average family in Alberta will be $243 worse-off, and in Saskatchewan, the so-called ‘benefit’ will be just $43.

What makes this even more ‘interesting’ is that this is under the best-case scenario. It doesn’t include the ‘indirect’ costs of the carbon tax – such as the investment collapse we’re already seeing, and the jobs that will never be created because of the tax burden. It also assumes that the Trudeau government will keep their promises, give the amount of money they claim they are giving, and not claw it back behind the scenes through other taxes. But, considering that the Trudeau government’s entire time in power has been nothing but lies, why would anyone believe them?

What this means is that this study can be easily debunked when other information is considered, and even under the best case scenario put forward by the study most Canadians end up worse-off – even if we assume the dishonest Trudeau government is telling the truth.

And when it comes to the truth, there’s another huge reason to distrust this so-called study:

The Trudeau government has repeatedly refused to tell Canadians how much the carbon tax will cost Canadian families. If the numbers were really on their side, and if they really felt that it would be popular, you can bet they would be telling everyone about it. Instead, they’re lying and hiding – which makes it clear that they know what we know: The carbon tax will make life more expensive for Canadians, and it will leave us far worse-off.

Canadians are seeing this truth. And that’s why the establishment is out with new ‘studies.’ They’re desperate to regain control of the narrative and reshape public opinion. The more Canadians turn against the carbon tax, the more we can expect the elites to put out info designed to distract from reality.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

Any body that supports this Carbon tax and the corrupt ,lying, Liberal govt, should have there head examined,period..

Chris vrecko

All liberals should have their heads examined, anyone that voted for him at the leadership convention should be reprimanded. He has done more damage in 3 1/2 years then all prime ministers the ever served this country. The carbon tax is exactly that a tax grab so he cannot buy a few more votes at the UN.


How much GST money is the Federal Government expecting to rake in from this tax? You know they are going to tax the tax.


So, if the Federal Gov. is going to return the Carbon Tax they collected back to us, then why the hell are they taking it from us to start with?

Ray Decorby

A couple of weeks ago our local CBC radio did 3 interviews over the course of the week with different experts from around the word about global warming and how we’re causing it… I would guess it was locally motivated as part of a directive from CBC HQ. I suspect they will be working this initiative extensively in the following months. No surprise here.

Ron Voss

“Research by environmental economist Dave Sawyer of EnviroEconomics suggests that in this scenario most households, regardless of income level, would receive more money from the federal government than they would pay in carbon taxes.” If this were true, then it reveals it to be a socialist income redistribution scheme. The bigger problem is the nonsense that paying a carbon tax can control the weather!

Chris vrecko

Don’t believe everything you hear. Because of this food clothes everything has gone up in price and as a senior it’s damb hard to make ends meet you have to think ‘what can I cut out. 25 cent raise is a joke and an insult.q


I was under the impression that it was illegal after that GST debacle that a tax on tax was not allowed any more and that is why it became the hated GST. Collecting and then returning taxes to people costs a lot of money already, but this carbon tax raises the prices of everything and then is taxed again, this is a huge confusing mess we are developing, just to pay for these elite globalists fun, they already have too much money and really, really do not deserve this money they are stealing more of, right out of our children’s… Read more »

don morris

Michael Campbell of “Money talks” on radio,once said that there is no such thing as a revenue-neutral tax, it is merely a sleight of hand by the government to placate nervous voters. he was speaking at the time of the B.C. government’s about to be imposed Carbon Tax,which turned out to cost us peasants a hell of a lot of money while a few on welfare or disability get small cheques three times a year,and the rest of us pay through the nose. Right now we’re paying $1.459/liter at the pumps with our blessed carbon tax,while in Calgary they’re paying… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

The LIEberals completely screwed up the phoenix payment system, international relations, NAFTA negotiations, outdoor skating rink waste of money, and the list goes on and on and on. They will cost Canadians a ton of money just to administer this carbon tax. this is a ridiculous and foolish move, ANOTHER one, by the Trudeau LIEberals.

shawn harris

No matter how you dress up a tax, it is still a tax. The one consistent thing about taxes is, once they are put into force, they are never repealed, and they usually never go down and you wind up with even less money in your pocket. No one should be fooled into thinking or believing that a tax, especially the yet to be forced upon us “carbon tax” is going to solve any problem, let alone the so called carbon or climate change problems. If anything a tax usually creates more problems than it was ever designed to solve.… Read more »

Ron Shaw

If Todumb’s liberals really want to get a firm hold on global warming , polluted air or just a lot of hot air , then they should quite talking , quite lieing and just keep all the lieing b.s . to themselves .