WEAK: Trudeau Government Gives In, Asks Saudis For UN Meeting

By being the first side to seek talks even after the Saudis incendiary rhetoric, the Trudeau government shows weakness and a submissive attitude towards a country that is an economic enemy of Canada.

In a clear example of weakness, the Trudeau government has made the first move to try and ‘repair’ Canada-Saudi ties, asking the Saudis for a meeting at the United Nations.

The problem is that the Saudis used extremely incendiary rhetoric in reference to Canada, and took unilateral steps to ‘punish’ us economically after a tweet they didn’t like.

While Freeland’s tweet was not the most strategic move, once the Saudis overreacted and tried to make an example out of Canada, the Trudeau government needed to show strength.

Instead, they’re acting in a submissive manner, by refusing to retaliate against the Saudis and now by asking for a meeting.

According to Bloomberg, “The Canadians are suggesting talks between the countries’ foreign ministers during meetings of the United Nations General Assembly, according to a Canadian government official who spoke on condition of anonymity. At stake is a Saudi order to freeze any new deals for Canadian firms operating in Saudi Arabia, such as SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., and to end an arrangement under which the kingdom provides thousands of doctors a year, and funding, that’s become a key part of Canada’s medical system.”

By asking for the meeting, the Trudeau government has sent a clear message that other countries can say whatever they want about Canada, and we will still back down.

Instead, the Trudeau government should have cut off all economic ties to Saudi Arabia, and banned Saudi oil from entering Canada. We don’t need Saudi Arabia, and we should rely on our own strength rather than being dependent on a country that is our economic enemy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube