If Trudeau Thinks He’s Above Answering Questions, Canadians Should Be Above Paying Taxes

A ‘leader’ who refuses to answer Questions in Question Period is showing a level of arrogance that brings the legitimacy of the government into serious doubt.

A big part of the PM’s job is to be accountable to the elected representatives of the Canadian People by answering questions in Parliament.

But as we recently saw, Justin Trudeau has arrogantly decided that he can simply refuse to answer questions put to him when he feels like it.

As I said, “By refusing to answer the question, Trudeau shows that he believes he’s above everyone else.”

If you had to think of what Trudeau’s arrogant refusal to respond means, it really comes down to his attitude that he is the king of Canada, and thinks he’s above all of us.

This means that the very legitimacy of the government is brought into question, because a ‘leader’ who refuses to be accountable to the representatives of the people is spitting in the face of democracy.

That’s why Canadians are right to be now asking why we are forced to pay our taxes to a government that won’t be accountable to us.

After all, if Trudeau thinks he’s above answering questions and being accountable, shouldn’t the Canadian People be above having to pay our hard-earned money to his government?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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