REPORT: Business Confidence In Canada Collapses To Lowest Level Since 2008 Economic Crisis

Carbon taxes, falling competitiveness, and NAFTA fears contribute to confidence collapse.

The confidence of business leaders in Canada has fallen to the lowest level since the 2008 global economic crisis.

According to the Conference Board of Canada, “only 34 per cent of business leaders believe┬ánow is a good time to invest.”

The key causes of the business confidence collapse are concerns over the carbon tax, Canada’s falling competitiveness relative to the United States, and the ongoing lack of a NAFTA deal.

As you read this, you’re probably thinking how disturbing it is that confidence has fallen to a low that wasn’t reached since the entire global economy was at the risk of total collapse.

And it is incredibly disturbing.

Right now, the global economy is not in recession, and growth in our neighbour to the south and top trading partner is surging. That should mean that businesses would be confident.

Yet, because of the Trudeau governments anti-business agenda of tax hikes, increased regulations, and pandering to the radical left, business leaders are understandably wondering why they would want to invest in such a poisoned business environment.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

However, according to Trudeau and his sunny ways, Canada is doing just fine.

shawn harris

Stephen Harper tried very strongly to warn all Canadians that Trudeau wasn’t ready to be Prime Minister and that the results we are now being forced to live through , are a direct result of Trudeau blindly relying on his failed socialist beliefs and radical leftist ideology. Even a person without any business sense or knowledge would understand that when you increase taxes and restrict severely how a business can operate, will only lead to job losses, a large reduction in money being not invested, by both investors and business owners and ultimately a severe reduction in trusting any government… Read more »

don morris

I agree,and part of that free market capitalism should include the end of supply side management and the protectionism afforded the Quebec dairy cartel.
And end to the current crony capitalism wouldn’t hurt either.

Fed up.

If he’s allowed to finish the year there won’t be anything left of Canada.