LIAR BLAIR: ‘Border Security Minister’ Caught In Massive Lie About Illegal Border Crossers

Says “overwhelming majority” of illegal border crossers have gone home. NOPE.

So-called ‘border security minister’ Bill Blair has been caught in a massive lie.

In an interview on Global News, Blair was asked how the government can know where the illegal border crossers are, given the fact that so few have been deported.

Here’s what he said:

“I will tell you that we did experience a surge of people last year. We found a very small percentage of them were actually eligible to stay, and the overwhelming majority of those people have left.”

That is a massive lie.

Here are the facts:

Out of 32,173 people who illegally crossed into Canada since April of 2017, only 398 people have been deported.

That means over 98% of those who entered Canada illegally are still here.

The fact that the man literally in ‘charge’ of border security is flat out lying about easily verifiable stats is absolutely disgraceful, and incredibly disturbing.

After Blair’s lies and a terrible attempt by him to ‘clarify’ his comments, Michelle Rempel branded Blair as ‘Chief Wiggum.’

This yet again confirms that the Trudeau government has zero intention of stopping the illegal crossings, and has no plan to keep Canadians safe as the illegal influx continues.

Instead of ‘border security,’ we have incompetence, dishonesty, and disloyalty at the very highest levels of government. And if things are that bad among those in charge of the system, just imagine what’s slipping through the cracks on the ground.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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