LIAR BLAIR: ‘Border Security Minister’ Caught In Massive Lie About Illegal Border Crossers

Says “overwhelming majority” of illegal border crossers have gone home. NOPE.

So-called ‘border security minister’ Bill Blair has been caught in a massive lie.

In an interview on Global News, Blair was asked how the government can know where the illegal border crossers are, given the fact that so few have been deported.

Here’s what he said:

“I will tell you that we did experience a surge of people last year. We found a very small percentage of them were actually eligible to stay, and the overwhelming majority of those people have left.”

That is a massive lie.

Here are the facts:

Out of 32,173 people who illegally crossed into Canada since April of 2017, only 398 people have been deported.

That means over 98% of those who entered Canada illegally are still here.

The fact that the man literally in ‘charge’ of border security is flat out lying about easily verifiable stats is absolutely disgraceful, and incredibly disturbing.

After Blair’s lies and a terrible attempt by him to ‘clarify’ his comments, Michelle Rempel branded Blair as ‘Chief Wiggum.’

This yet again confirms that the Trudeau government has zero intention of stopping the illegal crossings, and has no plan to keep Canadians safe as the illegal influx continues.

Instead of ‘border security,’ we have incompetence, dishonesty, and disloyalty at the very highest levels of government. And if things are that bad among those in charge of the system, just imagine what’s slipping through the cracks on the ground.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

The Trudeau govt is the most dishonest, incompetent bunch of liars in Canadian political history, it seems that there is no end to their BS


They’re not incompetent. They are simply carrying out the globalist plans and obfuscating it under a veil of alleged incompetence.

Jim Miller

I agree that the Liberal.government has destroyed the the justice system and its destorying Canada. We need a new leader and team to get CANADA back to a great country to live in. All the people who are in our Liberal.government has to go now.


The really sad part is we have no laws or protection from these globalists ruining our country, very few judges, and lawyers that are not radical globalist justice warriors. I really hope that the Conservatives will change this.


Me too! We have to vote for Mr Scheer if we vote for Maxime Bernier it will split the vote and Trudeau will get in again .


Liberals: Their Lies justify their Lies and when they have nothing they make up anything to fit their narrative….pathetic!


You are so right! The liberal government is corrupt.

don morris

To give Blair,(whom I personally detest as one of the biggest hypocrites in a profession where hypocrisy is the norm,) the benefit of the doubt, he said he meant the majority of the 398 rejected had already left the country, NOT the majority of the illegal Border invader who numbered approximately 76,000 over the last 18 months,if I’m not mistaken. Blair says he misspoke when he said the majority had left, but as always,when a liberal politician tells a lie which he knows will get front page headlines, the retraction on page five is seen by almost no one and… Read more »

shawn harris

Oh how the once mighty have fallen, Bill Blair was the chief of police for Toronto and as such was sworn to uphold the laws of Canada with a trustworthy and honourable way to the best of his abilities. Now he is just a mirror image of his leader Justin Trudeau, both are now just liars, deceitful,dishonest and dishonouring the high positions of trust the voters gave them. Just how and why anyone would ever trust, believe or accept as fact anything Trudeau, Blair or any of his ministers would ever say or do, is beyond belief. Especially when it… Read more »


Blair doesn’t have the interests of Canadians at heart. I seem to recall his tenure as Chief of Police for Toronto was marred by his program to remove firearms from elderly and retired Canadians…

Tom Tank

Blair was pushed out as such of police chief because he failed to do his job in that position. He was very scutinized by his pears and it proved that all his controversial decisions were true. He’s a proven liar and not very good at it either that’s why he is no longer police chief which made him a good candidate for Trudeau’s cabinet, they likely lie to each other not being able to tell the difference between lies and truth. Blair is likely being told what to say.

Jill Ward

this is the way most DICTATORSHIPS/DESPOTS WORK!

Ed Loewen

Please make note of everyone who sits on the liberal side in parliament. When they are defeated in 2019, DO NOT LET ANY OF THEM CROSS THE FLOOR to infect the party who overthrew them.

Brian Dougan

Did you know: There are people in Canada who escaped from North Korea. Many (most) first hide in China; then make their way to South Korea–where (sadly) a lot of them face discrimination from South Koreans. Very disturbing. Some of them head for a better life in Canada; not knowing that they are legally considered South Korean–because they spent some time in South Korea. Consequently; they face deportation from Canada. Why? Because they arrived in Canada from a safe country. Forget the fact that they escaped from a murderous regime in North Korea. They pay a huge price for fleeing… Read more »

Mike Allan

Conservative voters are not to blame for the failure of this libtard government.Other voters in our country don’t give a dam if they lie,cheat,deceive, because they wholeheartedly believe in everything the media says.Most if not all libtards believe that big government is the answer and behind that allows for a lot more free things.People like that are not Canadian’s but globalist fools who are more then willing to give all their freedoms up.Until we defund the Canadian media our voices are but a whisper.We need coast to coast coverage of trudeau’s socialist plans that will install agenda 21.We all need… Read more »


NO one tells us the truth. Open borders only work for the honest and they are exploited and a bused by all others. Controlled borders is having respect for the systems, its citizens and a pay back from government to those citizens. Uncontrolled borders is a disrespect to Canadians, its systems and values for which we stand.


The bigger question in all of this is – Why is he lying.


Food for thought:
Laws were put in place last June in Hungary – to stop the underhanded and malicious attacks of Justin’s pal George Soros and his organizations from Islamizing Hungary. The “Stop Soros” package includes a 25-percent tax on non-governmental organizations deemed to be supporting or positively portraying migration. Those convicted of assisting someone to enter the country illegally could include a year’s prison term.