DEFUND: After Horrendously Biased Interview With Bernier, CBC Has Reached A Pathetic New Low

An absolute disgrace.

CBC’s recent interview with Maxime Bernier has brought Trudeau’s state propaganda network to a new low.

Wendy Mesley was clearly on a mission to demonize Bernier, throwing wild conspiracy theories at him rather than actually conducting a legitimate interview.

In just the first 10 seconds, the disgusting bias was obvious.

Mesley asked if Bernier’s party is “for all Canadians, or just the rich,” the kind of question that she and CBC would never ask Justin Trudeau.

A link to the full interview is below, if you’ve got the stomach for it.

In a great twitter thread, Ken Whyte – former editor of Macleans, President of Rogers Publishing Company, founding editor in chief of the National Post and more – described why the interview was so horrendous:

“If you want to see why the CBC’s ratings continue to tank and why so many people in Canada have trouble trusting it and attribute to it a political agenda, watch the Wendy Mesley “interview” of Bernier 1/x”

“Right from the start you know it’s going to be more slur than interview: the first image is a picture of Bernier under the label “mad max.” 2/x”

“and then in the introduction it makes a big deal of the dress his former girlfriend wore to a swearing-in ceremony, as if that has any relevance to what he’s doing now — and since when did slut-shaming become CBC news practice? Jesus. 3/x”

“Then Wendy ties herself in knots trying to describe Bernier’s ideology. He’s libertarian, she says, which is “a form of conservatism,” which will be news to left-libertarians and libertarian socialists 4/x”

“She then mashes up libertarianism, conservatism, populism into one big insurgency responsible for Trump and Brexit and changing governments in Brazil and elsewhere, all of it being organized and fuelled by billionaires and big corporations 5/x”

“I could have sworn a lot of the big corporations and billionaires were against Brexit, and that a lot of billionaires were behind Hilary, too, and that there are “vast influence networks” on both sides of the political divide, but you wouldn’t guess that listening to Wendy 6/x”

“She then connects dots from the evil Koch brothers to the Atlas Foundation to a couple of Canadian think tanks — Fraser and Montreal Economic Institute — and suggests they are about to infiltrate Canada thru their dummy, Bernier… 7/x”

“a bit of research would have told Wendy there is foreign money all over our politics. Then, bizarrely, she says Fraser Institute has received “hundreds of thousands in donations” from Atlas. Does she mean dollars? Not clear, and she don’t care so long as it sounds bad 8/x”

“She forgets to mention that there are legal limitations on political participation by all think tanks in Canada. She next says that Bernier’s admiration of Ron Paul makes him a magnet for bigots. Are you a bigot Max? You sure? No, really, you sure? 9/x”

“Not only can Wendy not handle the ideas or the questions, she can’t handle Bernier’s answers. She cuts him off and reinterprets what he says to try to fit him into this pre-determined view of him as a bigoted tool of a global right-wing/populist/libertarian insurgency 10/x”

“And through it all she wears this weak, insincere, pasted-on smile to mask her condescension and contempt for Bernier, her deep-seated fear of ideas and intellectual engagement, and her determination to ensure viewers know ideas are louche, racist, foreign, and dangerous 11/x”

“I’m not a Bernier supporter. I don’t really know what he’s about yet and I don’t think he does either, but I would appreciated it if she’d let him speak. 12/x”

“I’ve been a CBC supporter but performances like this and barton’s of a couple weeks ago betray arrogance, a massive deterioration of journalistic standards, and scorn for a huge part of Canada (people who don’t share the values of the CBC newsroom). It’s becoming a menace 13/13”

The CBC Menace

Whyte is 100% correct on CBC becoming a menace. The appalling ignorance and bias shown by Mesley and Barton is the strongest confirmation yet that the CBC is beyond redemption and must be defunded.

Canadian taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for this garbage propaganda.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gary Hudson

I agree the interview was terribly biased against Bernier. But he is a worthy target with his huge ego driving the formation of his own personal political party. It appears he’s working for the Liberals because splitting the conservative vote is the sure way of getting Justin Trudeau back as Prime Minister. Woe Canada!

Ron Voss

Like she did with Andrew Scheer in April 2018, Mesley tried to browbeat Bernier to throw the Rebel under the bus, which disappointingly virtue-signalling Scheer obligingly did. Mesley: “So Ezra Levant, they have a million subscribers on YouTube and 150,000 followers on Facebook. Do you want his support? Do you want his audience?” Bernier’s reasonable response: “You know, I want people who believe in our ideas, and it can be people who are watching this show right now. People who are all watching the Ezra Levant and Rebel”. With respect to the CBC introducing Bernier as championing the cause of… Read more »


This interview was extremely strange. Makes one wonder if it was all staged?


Wendy Mesley is a washed up hasbin

shawn harris

What this CBC interview of Bernier shows is just how afraid Trudeau , the CBC and hard left socialists really are of Canadians that have good well thought out and reasoned ideas. To Trudeau, anyone with clear easy to understand ideas and plans is a major threat to his false virtuousness, his image of being an intellect. For, after all, Trudeau would be left grasping for anything or anyone to be able to respond in an intelligent way, other than trying his usual methods of deflection, demonizing and calling Canadians racists. Trudeau and the CBC are exposed for their inability… Read more »


I hadn’t considered Bernier seriously until this article, Fernando. If CBC associates him with Ron Paul and the Libertarians then I am much more likely to want to listen to what Bernier says and perhaps even vote for him – although he is French, is he not? Canada hasn’t had much luck with Francophone prime ministers lately.


He’s not French, he’s French Canadian. I hope that wasn’t too subtle. Also, I think anti-francophone conservatives need to get their priorities straighten up.


Is there a video available? I can’t find a working link to watch.


wow I use to like her very much thought she was fair and truthful but now I have changed my opinion she sound just like all the windbags on CBC which station I can’t stand they are far from fair to anyone just like Roseanne they were unfair to her too !!


It is no wonder we have stopped trusting and respecting most Media. I guess unbiased investigative reporting has been dropped from the University curriculum. What we get for News Anchors now is the equivalent of Liberal backbenchers – bobblehead drones.


Just another Crazy Liberal in the mainstream media who are paid to provide non bias point of view to the public but instead they scream a one sided liberal agenda which is why their ratings suck and most don’t believe anything they say.


(CBC) – Communist Broadcasting Corporation with their leftist-socialist slant on reporting. I don’t like our state broadcaster telling us what and how we should think rather than reporting the news. There will always be some bias in every media organization but the CBC has quite honestly crossed over the line and look more like a propaganda machine than a broadcaster.

David MacKAY

The Tax Payer funded CBC is only accountable to Leftist Liberals and George Soros, not necessarily in that order.


The cbc being played for by taxpayers should be biased but the more u watch them it’s clear that is not case, what is clear is they are trudopes gorbels, trudopes propaganda machine. The nxt government MUST TOP ALL tax payers funding period


Very sad and disgusting but am not surprised it’s obvious to anyone that the cbc is the liberals propaganda machine, it seems the majority of mainstream media forgot that reporter should be unbiased