Out Of 900 Illegal Border Crossers In Canada Facing Deporting From U.S., The Trudeau Government Has Only Deported 6 Of Them

Total failure.

New stats shine further light on the truly immense failure of the Trudeau government to get tough on illegal border crossings.

According to numbers released in the House of Commons, out of 900 people who entered into Canada while facing deportation from the U.S., a mere 6 of them have been removed from Canada.

That’s less than 1%.

When asked why there have been so few removals, ‘border security minister Bill Blair’ (who was recently caught in a huge lie), said it was because of Canada’s ‘UN obligations’ and ‘due process.’

Of course, we have no obligation to follow what the UN says, and as a sovereign nation we are allowed to create our own laws. It’s absurd that non-citizens are entitled to the same consideration under the law as Canadian citizens.

After all, someone shouldn’t be able to use the Canadian legal system at taxpayer expense to slow the process when they entered Canada illegally.

Michelle Rempel criticized the Trudeau government, pointing out that the government should be moving quickly to remove those crossing illegally:

“In a properly functioning asylum system, we should be prioritizing the world’s most vulnerable, we should be processing asylum claims quickly and then removing people who don’t have a legal reason to be in Canada. The fact that even those that have been processed and don’t have a valid reason to be in Canada have not been removed is something that is concerning, because Canadians are footing the bill for them being in Canada.”

But under Trudeau, the system isn’t functioning properly. It’s totally broken, and getting worse by the day. And now that over 99% of illegal crossers facing deportation in the US are still in Canada, it will create an even further incentive for people to cross illegally.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

Blair should be pressed to explain what he means by “U.N. obligations”.

Ron Shaw

A total liberal disgrace
Canadians deserve better

Jill Ward

and they’re all living well off the gravy train canadians foolishly continue to fill with tax dollars- and all so they will vote trudeau in next year- and yes they will because he has changed our voting laws so they can! What fools canadians are. Best enjoy your health care , shopping and medications now because soon there won’t be any money left in your paycheques after what is needed to provide for them , there will be nothing left for you and they come first! I waste my time again, telling canadians this as they simply don’t care and… Read more »