Premier Doug Ford Says Wynne Liberals Don’t Get To Walk Away From “$15 Billion Scandal”

Ford Government to launch special committee to look into “the biggest government scandal in a generation.”

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says the former Wynne Liberal government won’t be allowed to get away with their $15 billion deficit scandal.

After an independent commission found that the Wynne government cooked the books and lied about the size of the budget deficit, Ford says there will be a special committee to look further into the matter.

On Twitter, Ford said “The Wynne Liberals covered-up a $15 billion deficit. We promised to find out where your money went and who is responsible for the biggest political cover-up in Ontario’s history.”

Ford also said, “The people held the Liberals accountable on election day but their accountability did not end on election day.”

Finance Minister Victor Fedeli said it was a “moral duty” to have strong financial management, and trust must be restored:

“The Liberals shattered the trust of the people. They made promises for programs and projects they could not afford. What we are witnessing is without precedent in recent Canadian history. Our focus is on restoring trust and accountability in Ontario’s finances.”

Ford’s move to push for answers shows his determination to go beyond words and truly stand up for Ontario taxpayers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Need Forensic audits by Attorney General with criminal charges where applicable. Hold them to account for this.

Ron Voss

Isn’t fraud a criminal offence?


It is for peasants like us but the elites will get a free pass as they always do. just watch, nothing will happen, no one will be held accountable, not lib will ever have to deal with their criminal actions.

Ralph Knapp

The voters pushed the Wynne Liberals into non party status because of their total mishandling of the province’s finances. Now, the new Ford government will make them totally accountable for the mess and the fact they lied about it. This is exactly the right thing to do.


All those responsible should be charged and fined. As for witchie Wynne, “lock her up.”


Doug Ford, and Conservatives, you are the man we can truly respect. Please make this very public somehow as Communist Broadcasting Corp.(CBC) is already trying to spin this along with Horrible Horwath and the few Lieberals left at Queens park. Thank you so much, All these lying, now richer, unethical greedy power hungry destroy Canada type of politician, need to be held responsible.


I am watching Donald Trump speak at the UN via FOX NEWS. Jihadi Justin is elsewhere.


Big deal. They (Politicians) all still hold a get of jail free card… Or is Ford actually going to expose the corruption that plagues our current political structures and hold these people accountable??? I watch with popcorn in hand.