VIDEO: Ban Foreign Anti-Pipeline Money, Use Constitutional Power On Trans Mountain Says Scheer

Conservative Leader would use constitutional authority to get Trans Mountain Pipeline built.

Andrew Scheer unveiled his plan to get the Trans Mountain pipeline built.

Scheer says he would scrap the carbon tax, use constitutional authority to get the project built as a “National Benefit to Canada,” and ban foreign money from being used to poison people’s minds against the pipeline.

You can watch Scheer discuss his plan below:

Scheer is right to be bringing up the problem with foreign funding, and an even broader effort is needed.

There must be a total ban on foreign money being used to attack Canada’s energy industry. Our energy sector is being attacked by a foreign conspiracy to destroy it, and all who love our country need to oppose that foreign interference.

And using constitutional authority is essential. It’s something Trudeau could do right away, but he refuses. Scrapping the carbon tax is also essential, since it is having a devastating impact on the investment situation in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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Dave Bainard

He must also legislate that provinces must stop any forms of carbon taxation.

Christopher Kastner

Start a referendum. Consider that Canada has the third largest reserves in the world behind Saudi Arabia and Globalist destroyed Venezuela yet United States leads on production and export at sixth place has a booming economy? sign me up. Tired, so tired…


Scheer is too late. He should have been yelling this loudly months ago.


A program of rewards for carbon reduction would be much more acceptable rather than punishments. Possibly something like an income tax reduction for owning a hybrid or electric vehicle. No $5000+ subsidy.

Why do the Feds, particularly the Liberals, think that threats are the way to go. Revenue Canada is an expert at this idea. Guilty until we might be able to prove we are innocent.

S. Willis

Indeed there should be a total ban on foreign money used to attack Canada’s energy sector. There should also be a complete ban on foreign money being permitted for use through any organization or 3rd. party organization to influence our elections. Trudeau could very well not be PM today had Leadnow, Tides Foundation and other George Soros funded organizations not worked (and boasted about it) to get Trudeau elected in 2015. These foreign globalists are election tampering and no one is doing a thing to stop them! In total, 114 third parties poured $6 million into influencing the election outcome… Read more »


I guess Soros is prepping Canada for a “colour revolution”, after which we’ll have all the usual support for our energy industry, just like in the Middle East. Our Canadian women can even get good middle class jobs as comfort women for the American/NATO occupation forces.