Instead Of Pursuing A Worthless UN Seat, Trudeau Should Focus On Canadian Citizens For Once

The UN is an increasingly-discredited joke. Why should the Canadian government waste any time and money pursuing a worthless security council spot?

Justin Trudeau just won’t stop the virtue-signalling.

He and the government have given a clear indication that they are still obsessed with getting a temporary seat on the UN security council, pouring taxpayer money and time into lobbying efforts.

And yet, we know that the security council seat is worthless. The security council does nothing, as just one country can veto anything. And since the U.S. and China/Russia usually disagree on everything, the security council just sits around talking without making any decisions.

There is literally zero benefit for Canada in having a seat, and it would do nothing except give Justin Trudeau some virtue-signalling opportunities to pretend he is important.

If the government truly cared about the Canadian People, they would drop their bid for the worthless seat, and actually focus on helping Canadian Citizens. Perhaps they could deal with the collapse in economic confidence, the investment fleeing our country, the overwhelming opposition to the carbon tax, the illegal border crossing crisis, and all the other problems going on in Canada.

But that would require real leadership, something the Trudeau government is totally unable and unwilling to provide.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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