Instead Of Pursuing A Worthless UN Seat, Trudeau Should Focus On Canadian Citizens For Once

The UN is an increasingly-discredited joke. Why should the Canadian government waste any time and money pursuing a worthless security council spot?

Justin Trudeau just won’t stop the virtue-signalling.

He and the government have given a clear indication that they are still obsessed with getting a temporary seat on the UN security council, pouring taxpayer money and time into lobbying efforts.

And yet, we know that the security council seat is worthless. The security council does nothing, as just one country can veto anything. And since the U.S. and China/Russia usually disagree on everything, the security council just sits around talking without making any decisions.

There is literally zero benefit for Canada in having a seat, and it would do nothing except give Justin Trudeau some virtue-signalling opportunities to pretend he is important.

If the government truly cared about the Canadian People, they would drop their bid for the worthless seat, and actually focus on helping Canadian Citizens. Perhaps they could deal with the collapse in economic confidence, the investment fleeing our country, the overwhelming opposition to the carbon tax, the illegal border crossing crisis, and all the other problems going on in Canada.

But that would require real leadership, something the Trudeau government is totally unable and unwilling to provide.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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As usual, Spencer is absolutely correct.


Did you watch President Trump’s speech at the UN this morning? I would be very proud to be American and have a President that gave that excellent speech, with so much common sense and care for his country and its citizens. Everything our Lieberals lie about and do, hurts our country inside and out, even when Andrew Scheer tries to tell them how to fix problems sensibly Lieberals just ridicule Mr. Scheer and the Conservatives. The Lieberals need not wreck anything else in Canada. It seems they think they will be re elected as even if they got a UN… Read more »

Ralph Knapp

Apparently, Trudeau is likely the only citizen in Canada that wants that UN seat and he’s ready to put all Canadians further in debt to satisfy his egotistical need to be part of the most corrupt organization in the word.

Gerri Page

He does not care about Canada just what it can do for him like the useless UN seat which I hope he doesn’t get. It should be abolished because it is just a money pit for the elite.


Harper warned everyone and its unfolding exactly as he predicted who in their right mind would believe the airhead drama teacher could manage a country let alone a seat on the UN security council. Trudeau is a globalist he simply doesn’t care about our national interests his version of Canada’s interest lies only in getting re-elected and everyday gets worse for our once great country.

fred Dimmick

The most bloated ego in the tiniest mind of the 21st century (so far)!

Norbert Kausen

That vile, treasonous moron can’t even get any “respect” from the increasingly-discredited joke called the UN. The worthless security council has completely ignored that liberal groper, just a few in the chambers when he began babbling and THEY were busy on their cell-phones, not even acknowledging his presence! It sure looks good on him!

William Goddu

The present system governing Canada needs to be held accountable and treasonous for the many Canadians dying and suffering daily under its watch on all sides of the table our tin pot dictatorship has created.
Be the change you want to see
Canadians resetting the Crown of Canada, by asserting our final decision making authority for our Country over our de facto Governments!


Everything this incompetent piece of nothing does is worthless; trying to change him now =WORTHLESS

Ivan Hawkes

Thank You Spencer Fernando for being open with your honest and patriotic understanding of reality concerning the people of this nation. Thank you for opening the eyes of those who have not paid enough attention to the destructive nature of the existing so called government and their complete failure to deal with the responsibility they claim to deal with, which they neglect and absolve themselves from. Thank you for making the true issues affecting Canadians such a priority. You are a rare asset and a reliable source of truth, offering a view point quite opposite to the APATHETIC outlook of… Read more »