Michelle Rempel Slams Seamus O’Regan As “RIDICULOUS COWARD”

It’s great to see the Trudeau government get called out for their pathetic failures and endless lies.

After a massive backlash, the Trudeau government announced that they would no longer allow Veterans Affairs to cover the medical treatments of Veteran’s family members who never served if those individuals are in prison.

And yet, that decision outrageously won’t apply to the the case of Christopher Garnier, who killed a police officer, never served in the military – and got his PTSD treatment covered by Veterans Affairs.

On Twitter, Michelle Rempel ripped the government for refusing to rescind the payments to Garnier:

“You’ve known about this for weeks, Seamus. What you should have done is immediately ask your officials to revoke his benefits, and change the policy (which is in your purview as Minister) so that this never happens again. There, was that so hard? Give your head a shake.”

Then, O’Regan responded in a totally dishonest and manipulative way:

“Michelle, I would like to say I’m shocked you’re demanding I speak publicly about personal health records of Veterans… But you were a part of a government that made it their job to neglect and disrespect Veterans.”

Rempel wasn’t putting up with O’Regan’s lies:

“You’re a ridiculous coward. You know damn well I’m talking about Christopher Garnier, a cop killer who isn’t a veteran, but who you continue to give Veterans benefits even though he’s never served a day in his life. Do your damn job and revoke his benefits. You are a disgrace.”

The era of civility is over – and rightfully so.

Rempel was 100% right to rip into O’Regan.

There’s no room for civility when the federal government is acting like an enemy of the nation. Politeness is weakness against an opponent willing to lie and betray our country for their own political advantage.

The only possible response is toughness, ruthlessness, and a willing to expose the lies of the Trudeau government and call them out on their effort to manipulate the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ron Voss

I wonder if Scheer with his “positive vision” message is up to such tough talk.

Norbert Kausen

Michelle Rempel is ABSOLUTELY right!

Shawn Harris

Just another minister caught up in the same behavior, that Trudeau so lovingly approves of. It has become a standard, a hall mark , a benchmark for Trudeau , his ministers, to lie deceive, deflect attention away from truth, honesty, and responsibilty. To even deny, disregard clear evidence, that says this convicted cop killer should never have been given therapy and support at the expense of veterans affairs, while those veterans who served, sacrificed and are now suffering, should be so outrageously denied benefits, goes to show the very depths and lenghts Trudeau will go to undermine and destroy our… Read more »


they are senseless PERIOD which carries with it a ton of deplorable implications; they must be given the boot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


O’Regan, Blair, Trudeau, Morneau, McKenna, Hussen,, Goodale, ….all lying, all day, everyday.


He’s trying to pass two key Liberal litmus tests.
1. Are you able to lie with a totally straight face.
2. Can you effectively change history.


It will probably come out as to the real reason Trudeau is doing this…there is more to this story and if the press had any guts, they would do what they are supposed to do and find out why.

Brian Dougan

“We will do whatever it takes to make a veteran well again.” Ha Ha Ha! A good one; said with a straight face. O’Regan; You’re a lying; liberal piece of crap. You and your disgusting cult leader Turdo couldn’t care less about Canadian veterans. All of you are a bunch of shameless liars; constantly projecting your own flatulent stink onto others. These people even make Hillary Clinton look good. At least she didn’t show up for serious business wearing a T-shirt.

Ken Kevans

Too bad Scheer wouldn’t take part in some tough talk too.