PHOTO: Trudeau Speaks To Nearly Empty UN Hall, The Few People In Attendance Ignore Him & Look At Their Phones


Justin Trudeau loves saying “Canada’s back,” as if it went somewhere while Stephen Harper was in power.

But apparently, the attendees at the UN don’t seem to be interested in what virtue-signalling Trudeau has to say.

Check out the photo and video below:

Trudeau Ignored UN

Take a good look at that photo. Literally nobody in the shot is actually looking at Trudeau. You can see people on their phones. You can see a guy looking at some paper. You can see some people leaning away looking in the other direction. But what you can’t see is anyone actually looking at him.

Below is the video:

What makes this even more humiliating for Trudeau is that the one person holding up a phone as if they cared about what Trudeau was saying, is a member of the PMO staff.

The lack of a crowd, and the total lack of interest in Trudeau’s virtue-signalling emptiness among the few people there, is something much of the Canadian media will never show you. They keep up the farce that Trudeau somehow has influence on the world stage – when the reality is exactly the opposite: Nobody is listening to him.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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D Me

This is as about as effective as when he was photographed waving to an empty tarmac as he boarded an airplane. Trudeau is all words and no message!

Don Taylor

Turdeau is a narcissist, he thinks that people like ,but in fact they are sick and tired of his face and his Message!

Dave Bainard

Would have been cheaper for everyone if he made a video of his speech in front of a mirror and sent it (or trashed it).

Norbert Kausen

HAHAHAHAHA…. EVERYONE knows about that pansy Trudeau and that he is nothing!! He’s not even there to them, he’s invisible, but that IMBECILE wants a seat where they’ll take our money but will not give him the time of day! How appropriate!

Roger Shelswell

He made a fool of himself and our country again


No mention of Christian genocide all over the world including Pakistan, the Middle East, all across Africa, Nigeria and Mali. Not one flippin word. We didn’t really expect him to even think of Christians now, did we?

Ann Rose

Agreed! So two faced.. How one man’s will to rule a country on his terms is beyond me…and we know why…globalists are trying to make us a caliphate and Trudeau is the perfect pansy puppet to do it.

john jansen

mister justin trudeau the world biggest loser , nobody pays attention to him because ,he has no agenda !!!!


No brains, no agenda.


Amazing how people can just ignore, block out. Christophobia is clear.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Del, of all places, do not expect ANY concern about Christians in the U.N. It is run by a bunch of Islamic/pro-Islamic hoodlums.

Terry Black

Speaking against Apartheid and how Nelson Mandela handled it – That is rich coming from a Failure Prime Minister who is doing all he can to divide Canada and kill Canadian Sovereignty!

You can see how his Sparse UN Audience is totally uninspired , and detached from listening to his speech!

What a knucklehead!


The Lonnie of Canada is a embarrassment on the world stage! Poor Canada!


so, I’m curious who it was that wrote his ‘speech’ for him? We all know he is not capable of putting anything together.
Sure hope all the people in the east are happy with being hoodwinked by the liberal paid media into thinking this waste of skin would be a good pm.


I didn’t vote for the moron and from Ontario…It’s Toronto and Ottawa that support him and they have a lot of ridings…I wish he would just drop off the earth…

Ethan Martin

What about the South African farmers that are being opposed. Oh wait there are white, no political points gained.


The next day Trump addressed a full house. NO wonder he doesn’t have time for the insignificant Kumquat narcissist Trudeau


Like when he is getting off the aircraft, he waves, but there is no one there.


Sorry, it is already there

Edward Sweet

All hat and no cattle. Help make TruGrope a drama teacher again.


At least his eyebrows didn’t slip off this time…that would have been an embarrassment to us…again…meh, nobody would have noticed anyway cuz nobody was watching and nobody cared he was there.

Gary .

He should have did his Bollywood dance while giving the speech…


ViA YouTube live is the president with other leaders except Canada, at the Security Council.


Politicians should mostly say what they think and their ideas and not quote someone else all the time.


Canada must withdraw from UN asap!


What country was he talking about, Trudeau does not stand up for Human Rights and freedom, peace etc. That is one soc boy that will never speak a word of Truth about Canadians, for Canadians or with Canadians.

Gonzo the Magnificent

BS like this speech is what Trudeau is good for – and nothing else I might add – AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE!


Someone is listening to the people instead of its PM…
Can’t fool everyone….looks good on him….


Im not a fan of Trudeau today neither but in this case Im not a fan of these UN delegates as well. If they dont have time and respect enough to hear each other out then what the F#@÷%! is the use of the UN. We are getting hosed at home and abroad. Allot of fat cat politians every corner of this globe.

Diane DiFlorio

The only STAGE this idiot can attract is the one at drama school.

Dane Wilson

I see his mouth moving but nothing is coming out

Major Tom

When Trudeau speaks……’Jabberwocky” has meaning……….