ABSURD: NBC News Just Ran A Story On Brett Kavanaugh Based On A Totally Anonymous Letter

How can the media complain about people saying “fake news” when journalistic standards have been thrown in the garbage?

Take a look at the following letter, which was sent to Colorado Senator Cory Gardner:

Take a good look at it.

Notice anything?

There are no names.

None whatsoever.

It’s totally anonymous.

It could have been sent by anybody.

It’s the equivalent of a random email or a tweet.

And if we lived in a world where the establishment media cared about journalistic standards, we never would have heard about the letter.

But that’s not what happened.

Instead, NBC News ran this report:

To get a sense of how crazy this all is, consider what reporter Chad Pergram shared:

“GOP CO Sen Gardner statement on new allegations against Kavanaugh: On September 24th our Denver office received an anonymous letter in the mail about an alleged incident with Brett Kavanaugh in 1998. The letter contained no names, no address, and no contact info.”

“Gardner on latest Kavanaugh allegation: Due to privacy regarding mail that comes into our office, we do not share the content of correspondence..this anonymous letter contained no name or no contact info so our office is unable to contact the individual that sent the..letter”

“Anonymous Kavanaugh letter allegation sent to Sen Gardner is unsigned. GOPers on Judiciary Cmte say “We have no reason to assign the letter credibility, and even if we did, we’d have no way to investigate the allegation as it was made anonymously and cannot be corroborated.”‘

And the top reply to the NBC News tweet says it all:

“Holy crap.. you all should be fired. You are tabloid. This is not journalism. You’re families should be ashamed of you.”

If the media is now at the point in which totally anonymous letters attacking people are deemed newsworthy, then everything has totally jumped the shark.

NBC News has disgraced themselves by reporting on the anonymous letter, and the fact that they haven’t retracted their story and apologize is appalling.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ron Werner

Young, drunk, and most likely it was consentual. So even if it was signed it doesnt prove anything. Ask the senators how many have watched 50 Shades of Gray?!
The writer was probably envious.

R William Donaldson

Far too many have an outdated and inaccurate view of the media. The so-called journalistic standards are little more than window dressing to shield us from how it really is out there. Journos have picked up the notion at our schools of yellow journalism that there is no such thing as objectivity so don’t bother with it, don’t worry about it. Besides, we’re in a hurry. Many journos and fact-checkers are SJWs, so they have a cause and will use their medium to advance that; ditto for editors and publishers. The press as it was has long been politically biased… Read more »


This makes it seem like it is a frame up, guilty, without proof, nothing but a set up, but social justice warriors want their own way even if it destroys other peoples lives, this is the socialist law. No longer is it innocent until proven guilty. This kind of destruction makes it way worse for someone who really was sexually assaulted, as a relative who was a judge said to me many years ago, unless there is blood all over or bones broken, don’t bother to report it, and most do not, but this just makes getting help worse, as… Read more »

shawn harris

The mainstream media in their desperation to justify their legitimacy have reached a new low in journalistic standards or more to the point, they have now surrendered to the ratings machine and all previous high standards for honesty, integrity, morals and ethics are to be sacrificed upon the ” we hate Trump altar” established by the far left socialists of this world. All of this hate for Trump’s nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States is clearly driven by leftist socialists, who are all too willing to do everything, even lie to the point of breaking the law… Read more »

Ralph Knapp

Salem is alive, well and thriving in Washington. Democrats are piling the wood around the stakes, moving the fuel on site and preparing the torches for lighting.