CORRUPT: Trudeau ‘Justice System’ Lets Woman Who Murdered Eight-Year-Old Child Out Of Prison, Transfers Her To “Healing Lodge”

When brutal killers are treated better than homeless people, we can be sure that the system has been corrupted down to the very core.

Terri-Lynne McClintic was found guilty of murdering eight-year-old Victoria ‘Tori’ Stafford in 2009.

Now, she has been let out of prison.

The system has transferred her to an ‘aboriginal healing lodge.’

It’s sick.

And Ralph Goodale’s response to this disgrace was pathetic:

Andrew Scheer ripped into Goodale on Twitter:

“This is a disgusting decision and a complete insult to the family of Tori Stafford. The fact that the Trudeau Liberals are defending this is just gross. Justin Trudeau must immediately reverse this decision.”

“This is absolutely disgusting. How can the Trudeau Liberals defend not putting a child killer in prison? Raping and killing a child is not a “bad practice,” Minister. It’s the most heinous of crimes.”

At this point, why should anyone have any faith or trust in the government?

If someone can commit the most horrific of crimes, and then get transferred to a taxpayer-funded minimum-security ‘healing lodge,’ then the entire system is corrupted beyond even our worst imagining.

The fact that the Trudeau government is defending this instead of immediately using their authority to reverse it and put the vicious killer back in prison shows that they always side with the worst of the worst, instead of standing with law-abiding Canadians.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gonzo the Magnificent

Prediction: Trudeau is reelected in 2019 with a minority, meaning he is forced even further to the left with the NDP and Greens propping him. Any comments? Remember he has the MSM on his side, Mad Max running against him and human nature being what it is – if an issue doesn’t affect me directly, I don’t care – that is the guarantee he is a shoe-in.


And while the Liberals are at it, why not give McClintic a free ticket to Veterans Affairs for treatment. Isn’t that where they like to send murderers?


I remember this from a while back, so very disturbinngly sad. It appears we are a big social justice experiment for this socialist pretend government, none of our laws count anymore, it is whatever those in power decide, and we are left with the ruins of our once pretty good society. Lets get our laws backs and better. Vote Conservative and hopefully we can replace all these social justice warriors experimenting with us, destroying our lives. Like Carla Homoilka these two sick women should be put away for good, sexually hurting children, then killing them, I guess I am old,… Read more »

alan skelhorne

i do believe its time for capital punishment

Elizabeth Thorne

2019 Canadians must every Liberal out of office. No party status is what they deserve.

don morris

Hm, from the photo,the woman doesn’t look like an aboriginal, Native, First Nation, indigenous person, so why is she being transferred to what basically amounts to a half way house for Natives? The original idea behind pandering to FN’s with the healing lodges and circle sentencing was to get FN young offenders off the jail/parole/home/jail merry-go-round so many of them were on from their late teens. The idea,I suppose was that if they lived among their own people and were subject to tribal discipline, they’d rehabilitate. The treatment was supposed to be for the minor crimes so many rez kids… Read more »

Eric Blair

Yeah Don, I thought the same thing myself with regard to healing circles etc for native on native crimes that happen on the reserve. But once off reserve it is Canadian law be it petty or capital crime. What if this person kills a first nation child while on reserve during her healing. Who would be blamed for that? I sure would like to hear what the F bomb NDP first nation MP would have to say about it.

Moe. S.

According to the Trudeau gov’t she needs healing and cop-killer Garnier needs a psychologist to hold his hand and help him with his PTSD as a result of the murder he committed. These assinine Liberals treating accessory to murder and killers as victims is deplorable and disgraceful. This Liberal vote makes it quite clear, the victims in both these cases are the cause of McClintic’s mental illness, she now needs healing. And cop-killer Garnier, his victim caused his traumatic PTSD. Only ASSININE Trudeau Liberals could be so stupid to believe such nonsense from psychopathic killers.

gayle antonellis

maybe a brain transplant would help but a healing lodge ,trudope you have got to be kidding ,,this woman is beyond evil ,she went to the school and got that little girl and the rest is pure evil