Ford Government Puts Minimum Wage Hike On Hold

Minimum wage will stay at $14 per hour.

The Ford Government is putting the previously planned minimum wage hike on hold.

When introduced by the Wynne-Liberals, the minimum wage hike was slammed by experts and business groups, who warned that the extremely rapid hike would lead to big job losses.

That’s exactly what happened, as the hike was followed by a swift decline in the job numbers – which was directly attributed to the hike.

Now, rather than go to $15 per hour, the minimum wage will be $14 per hour.

Instead of telling business what to pay people, the Ford government is taking a better approach by giving tax relief directly to minimum wage earners.

The Ford government has said they will scrap the income tax for those making the minimum wage, meaning people will keep more of their money in their pockets.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I have never understood why a government decides something should be carried forward after their term in office, like Trudeau making promises for years past the next election, use this in your platform in the next election to try and be re elected with it.
The LIEberals had some University profs tell them this was a good thing and would not lose jobs or close companies, their usual socialist rhetoric.
This is why good business owners make the best politicians = Doug Ford, they understand what really happens when government interferes.

shawn harris

The Wynne government massive minimum wage hike was the last straw for the public and her Liberals. The minimum wage is to help people enter the workforce, not become a barrier to those seeking employment. Those earning minimum wages were cruelly used as means to an end for power for Wynne, who disregarded the experts opinion that such a wage hike would cost tens of thousands of jobs, as well as force the closure of many businesses. Wynne and her Liberals should never ever be allowed to forget the truly devastating economic damage she did to Ontario and Ontarians, just… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

GOOD!!! A guaranteed income is a stupid idea and nothing is “guaranteed” if you don’t have an economy to back it up! furthermore, NOTHING should be “free”!!! And a “guaranteed” income is no different! It is NOT free, it is paid for by the tax-payer and it does nothing, but make the tax-payer poorer!