Ford Government Puts Minimum Wage Hike On Hold

Minimum wage will stay at $14 per hour.

The Ford Government is putting the previously planned minimum wage hike on hold.

When introduced by the Wynne-Liberals, the minimum wage hike was slammed by experts and business groups, who warned that the extremely rapid hike would lead to big job losses.

That’s exactly what happened, as the hike was followed by a swift decline in the job numbers – which was directly attributed to the hike.

Now, rather than go to $15 per hour, the minimum wage will be $14 per hour.

Instead of telling business what to pay people, the Ford government is taking a better approach by giving tax relief directly to minimum wage earners.

The Ford government has said they will scrap the income tax for those making the minimum wage, meaning people will keep more of their money in their pockets.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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