NAFTA: At News Conference, Donald Trump Says He Rejected Meeting With Trudeau, Doesn’t Like Canada’s Trade Representative, Threatens 25% Auto Tariffs

Relations between Trudeau government & Trump administration hit new low.

During a free-wheeling press conference, U.S. President Donald Trump confirmed that he rejected a meeting with Justin Trudeau at the UN in New York.

Trump also said he didn’t like the Canadian trade representative (Chrystia Freeland).

Additionally, Trump once again brought up the possibility of 25% tariffs against┬áthe Canadian auto sector if a NAFTA deal isn’t reached, in response to the tariff-like barriers imposed on imports of U.S. dairy products through Canada’s supply management system.

Trump’s comments came as he praised Mexico’s leaders, and is further evidence of the total breakdown in relations between the Trudeau government and the Trump administration.

Trump’s press conference can be watched below:

If the tariffs were imposed, the Canadian economy – and the Ontario economy in particular – would be devastated.

The entire Canadian political class has said supply management should not be put on the table – even if those devastating auto tariffs result from the collapse of NAFTA.

The only exception to that viewpoint is People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier, who says supply management should be put on the negotiation table, and the auto sector protected from tariffs by reaching a NAFTA deal with the U.S. and Mexico.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Rodney Brucks

This may be a good thing. 25% tariffs may be the only way to get Ontario to stop voting for the liberals.


and a hundred lieberal heads exp;oded!


Who could blame Trump? How many Canadians can stand to look at or listen to these Liberal nuts! And, look at the entire Canadian government establishment and know that they are all corrupt to the core.

Norbert Kausen

Who would’a THUNK it???!!! We, that is, REAL Canadians, don’t like her EITHER, Donald!!!

Tim Chapman

But…..but …..but…..Trudeau said he wasn’t snubbed…lol…. The impervious to innuendo is strong with this one.

Dan M

I guess Trudeau’s masterful diplomacy of showing his socks and dancing like an idiot, did not impress.


I wouldn’t either. I would reject jihadi Justin in a heartbeat had he insulted me and called me names.
Frankly speaking, I don’t think that the liberals had any intentions of working with the USA. I think he would do business sooner and faster with radical govs


Trump is playing politics globally with the auto sector. See what he’s doing to Germany and other auto manufacturing countries. Aside from military arms, GMO “foods” and chemicals, what else has he got to export besides cars?


I still cannot believe that actual Canadians voted for these UN run LIEberals and many still believe their lies and mainstream LIEberal and UN propaganda media. As a man I dislike Trump, but as a President he is really working to make America strong again and is doing so. As a man I really really dislike the Trudeau puppet child, as a hate Canada UN “ruler” puppet, I hoped for the best but, everything he and his gang of puppets thugs touch is destroyed especially our country.

shawn harris

There are a couple of ways that best describes Trudeau’s epic failure at negotiating a new NAFTA trade deal. As Oliver Hardy of Laurel and Hardy fame, would say, “Well Stanley, this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into”. The other, which more accurately and perfectly fits Trudeau, is, “This situation was built for a dummy and you know what it looks good on him”. Since Trudeau failed to realise that for everything Trump wanted in a new trade deal, he could have gotten just about everything Trudeau thought was important to Canada and a little bit more. But… Read more »