WATCH: MP Saganash Hits Trudeau With F-Bomb

Trudeau “doesn’t give a f–k about Indigenous rights” says Romeo Saganash.

In Question Period, NDP MP Romeo Saganash got tired of Justin Trudeau’s empty virtue-signalling and constant lies, and dropped the F-bomb.

Saganash said Trudeau should just be honest and admit that he “doesn’t give a f–k about Indigenous rights.”

You can watch Saganash’s comments below:

As I said on Twitter, Saganash shouldn’t have apologized, he just should have added that Trudeau doesn’t care about any Canadians at all.

And with the elitist media complaining about the loss of so-called ‘civility,’ I explained how that’s actually a good thing:

“Civility in Canadian politics is dead, and good riddance. ‘Civility’ is used by the elites to avoid actually being held accountable for their lies and failures. It’s time for ruthless truth-telling, not fake politeness.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Right again Spencer, Romeo Saganash just said what we all feel out loud, but he should have included most all Canadians we are all fed up and our patience is wearing very thin for this group of elitist fake puppets. Just be a real person with real wrath for their fake pretend dramas and pretend promises, maybe it did bring a light on how absurd this mess of a puppet show is.

Don Taylor

Turdeau is a narcissist, he only cares about himself that is why he has so many pics of himself and people are sick and tired of looking at this dingbats face

Brian Dougan

Fu*cking right!!


The Prime Idiot trou deau and his gang of misfits MUST GO !!!

alan skelhorne

we have all known since the beginning, that pos in ottawa is 100% anti-canadian.
we don,t have to be a politician to understand this, the pos is a globalist pig.


Romeo Saganash is correct, but too narrow in his comments; our PM doesn’t care for any native-born Canadians, indigenous or of more recent immigrant stock.