WEAK: Trudeau Pretends He’s Standing Up To Trump, Then Signs On To Renewed ‘War On Drugs’

What a hypocrite.

Justin Trudeau likes to pretend he’s ‘tough’ and ‘standing up’ to Donald Trump.

And yet, his actions show total weakness.

In reality, Trudeau has been helping Trump strengthen the U.S. economy at Canada’s expense by continuing to impose the destructive carbon tax and upping restrictive regulations that have pushed billions of dollars of investment out of Canada and into our southern neighbour.

And now, Trudeau has signed on to the renewal of the ‘war on drugs,’ a policy that has failed miserably to reduce drug use while wasting many billions of dollars.

The Trudeau government said they did it to line up with UN treaties:

“However Alex Lawrence, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said Canada’s approach to addressing drug issues is consistent with the UN treaties the Trump statement endorses, cannabis regulation notwithstanding. “Canada participated in and signed the Global Call to Action on the World Drug Problem [because] Canada remains a strong supporter of the international drug-control framework and will continue working with our international partners to advance the objectives of the UN drug conventions,” he said. “The legalization of cannabis does not change our commitment to meeting the overarching goal of these conventions – protecting the health and safety of people.”

This is an immense level of hypocrisy. Whether people agree with Trudeau’s drug policy or not, he should at least stand behind what he claimed to support. Instead, he’s signed on to a war on drugs that has simply failed to reduce drug use, while costing a massive amount of money.

Also, why the hell are we still listening to ‘UN conventions.’ We are a sovereign country, why should we waste our time with the increasingly-discredited UN?

The solution to the drug issue is not to either decriminalize everything, or launch another failed war on drugs. A combination of tough penalties for those supplying the drugs, combined with support for people seeking to get clean (through treatment programs not safe injection sites), is the direction that must be followed. But instead, Trudeau’s combo of weakness and hypocrisy has left drug policy in unstable chaos.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Is this for real or is it classic Liberal comedy?

It just shows that our government has no principles its a war on drugs while making Canada the cannabis capital of the world.

Trudeau was born a fool and he got a liberal arts degree in stupid just to make sure!

Ralph Knapp

Trudeau is borrowing money and increasing the country’s debt by giving billions to other countries leaving hard working Canadians struggling to stay solvent. Anything wrong with this scenario? Ya’ thlnk ??????

Don Taylor

Trudeau should be charged with treason, before be breaks our country altogether


Hypocrisy is no surprise for Trudeau’s UN government administration.

A sovereign country?

Remember Trudeau himself said that Canada is a post-national state ergo a UN colony.

Canada hasn’t existed since November 4, 2015.


Freedom includes the right to do oneself harm. The War on Drugs, like the War on Terrorism and any other excuse to increase panic in the population and increase government control is not supportive of personal freedom. It is the citizen, not the police, that are the basis of a safe society. See “Peel’s Nine Principles of Policing”. That is in that direction the best compromise of freedom and safety lies.