Parody Account? Catherine McKenna Claims “Climate Change Disproportionally Affects Women”

Another gem of a tweet from McKenna.

There’s another ‘interesting’ tweet from Catherine McKenna.

This time, she claims that climate change is a ‘gender’ issue:

“Our government understands climate change disproportionally affects women. For #GenderEqualityWeek this week, Canada reaffirms its commitment to ensuring women are at the table and part of the solution. We know #EveryoneBenefits when we work together.”

It’s an incredibly foolish tweet, and the latest example of how the Trudeau government is pushing identity politics and virtue-signalling every chance they get.

McKenna has faced past ridicule for her tweets, including falsely claiming that restaurants were banning plastic straws, and calling herself the ‘minister for weather.’

Yet, beneath all the jokes and tweets, the real problem is that McKenna and Trudeau’s policies are a total disaster, destroying investment and tearing money out of the pockets of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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When an ideology like liberalism can only survive through use of deception, misinformation, and manipulation that should tell you right there just how terrible those ideas are and my god she actually believes the BS she’s spewing! “Absolutely Unbelievable”…..

Moe. S.

Climate Barbie the savior of the planet looking out for those women who are “disproportionally affected by climate change.” Believe me, sensible women, with more degrees and letters after their names than climate Barbie, have NO interest in joining the True Believers-climate change cult. Sensible smart women know climate Barbie knows absolutely nothing about pretty much everything. Her pandering to women voters in this manner is insulting. Women are tired of hearing the ‘gender’ word every time she opens her mouth. Do Canadian women a favor and find another group to join your climate cult and drink the kool-aid.


Thank you Moe, this climate barbie thing does not speck for women, but who would vote for this social justice UN warrior? is it because she has nice hair and is not ready too?


You just can’t fix STUPID! This would be laughable, but she’s getting paid by tax players to come up with this ridiculous claim. 2019 Can’t come quick enough.