REPORT: Canadian Population Surges, Driven By Record-High Immigration

Population is up 1.4% from last year.

Canada’s population grew by the largest number of people since 1957, increasing by 518,588 in the past year to reach 37.1 million.

That’s a 1.4% increase, the largest in percentage terms in nearly 30 years – according to Stats Canada.

While legal immigration is the key part of the population increase, the surge in illegal border crossers also contributed.

Overall, immigration accounted for 80% of population growth.

There were 303,257 new immigrants to Canada, while the number of net non-permanent residents increased by 165,729.

The population increase attributed to migration has reached a record level. However, the Trudeau government – without consulting Canadians – plans to push past that record and massively increase immigration in the next 3 years.

The ongoing illegal border crossing crisis has also undermined faith in the Canadian immigration system – with a record number of Canadians opposing higher immigration.

While Canada’s immigration system was long held up as an example for much of the world in terms of integration and economic success, the system is being broken down by the Trudeau government, as it shifts into a tool for identity politics and politicization, rather than focusing on the best interests of Canada as a nation.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

I listened to President Trump address to the United Nations ,on his view of Globalism ,and it is about time someone called this out and I for one totally reject Globalism ,which Turdeau the idiot is trying to push on Canada,he certainly never mentioned this when he was running for office,this is just another SNEAKY way the Liberals operate


Don Taylor I agree President Trump gave a very powerful speech and I agree with him totaly, our sad Lieberal UN propaganda media made fun of it here.


Without a government in Canada anything can happen and has, I hope those who voted the UN LIEberal for a hate our country foreign government will start to see the problems they have made and that they will pay for them, did they really vote to destroy Canada while listening to their propaganda?

Diane DiFlorio

I honestly have been worried about the illegal crossings for some time, but to hear they will be “massively” increasing over the next 3 years is extremely disturbing. Note I said ILLEGAL which Liberal’s refuse to acknowledge.

shawn harris

Canada’s social structure and economy have been designed to accept a continuous level of legal immigrants, that is why it is a success, recognised around the world. The problem with immigration is clear and has two big problems. The first is Trudeau and his failed economic policies, that are destroying the economy and driving businesses and investors out of Canada. And the second one, which compounds the first, is that with illegal immigrants flooding Canada and Trudeau openly encouraging even more illegal immigrants; our economy and social system are at the breaking point , of not being able to support… Read more »


Well according to a MP who made a comment a few days ago on FB, the increase in population last year was 900,000 people. There were 389,910 births in Canada in 2017. Net immigration that I came up with 510,090.
Now I dont know where the MP took the 900,000 from, it was about creation of jobs. I can say that we have been lied so much by the Trudeau government who controls EVERYTHING that I actually believe that the net immigration was over 500,000. If this number were official, there would be a revolution in Canada.


The figure of 900,000 is almost correct (on the lower side , though).
When you add fake refugees, TFW, foreign students & their dependents/parent to the 310,000 legal immigrants the total annual intake comes to 1 million (give or take few thousand).

Ralph Knapp

Is it just my paranoia or is the Boy bringing in a new crop of Liberal voters?