WATCH LIVE: Brett Kavanaugh & Christine Blasey Ford Hearing

High-stakes hearing will impact the future of the United States Supreme Court.

The highly pressured hearing featuring Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford is taking place now. You can watch it live below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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this woman is pathetic ..listen to the wimp in her voice when she talks about ” THE ASSAULT ” which readily tones down when she talks of the series of 2018 events…a better fake than our PRIME IDIOT .. a well rehearsed scenario …a holier than thou statement about her allegiance to her country …


Kavanaugh was a judge for decades yet no one came forward back then to accuse him of sexual assault not until Donald Trump a Republican appointed him to the Supreme Court.

Take a look at Jihadi Justin, who inappropriately touched a woman just eighteen years ago and nothing came about it because he is a liberal.

Ron Werner

Couple thoughts up to a break. The reporters commenting that she didnt want to be traumatized yet it was reporters at her window.

Sould Kavanaugh be dismissed, the Dems should be VERY careful it doesnt come back to bite them too. I remember a report talking of all the million$ spent covering up assaults by congressmen, esp the Dems. Now, they may win this battle but they may lose their war if the women assaulted come forward. How will msm cover that?


This women seems very credible, she is a Dr. of psychology and very intelligent, I hope for the truth to come out but her life definitely has been affected by what she is saying. She is very brave. The now judge and his friend will be either truthful or not, once the FBI looks into this and the other ladies claiming also. The world is listening and watching.


Ford credible you have to be kidding me she was flanked by 2 lawyers who would not allow any tough questions to be asked. The lawyers had to walk her through notes to point out what she should say. The lawyer whispered in her ear twice to tell he exactly what to say, and she repeated it as if it were her own words. Meanwhile Kavanaugh was the brave one all alone with not even the help of the GOP senators who were too afraid to insult the Me Too Mob!


Steve, I am no judge or jury, and after thinking this though, you are correct, after watching Bret Kavanaugh later, this does appear to be a Democrat set up, and I really don’t support them and I hate this me too stuff. You were much clearer in your thinking, thank you.


How does CORY BOOKER a sitting DEMOCRAT US SENATOR have the balls to sit and condemn Judge Kavanaugh about alleged sexual misconduct. When Cory Booker himself admitted in his own words and WROTE about how he groped a female at a 1984 New Years Eve party when he was just 15 years old. HIS WORDS “with the top gun slogan ringing in my head I slowly reached for her breast after having my hand pushed away once I reached my mark”. Then years later he had another Spartacus Moment also referred to as GUILT and the indecent changed his life… Read more »