Why Does The Trudeau Government Always Side With Criminals?

Every time they have the choice between siding with law-abiding Canadians or criminals, the Trudeau government choses the latter.

Convicted terrorists.

Convicted murderers.

Returning ISIS terrorists.

What do all those things have in common?

The Trudeau government sides with all of them.

Justin Trudeau thinks convicted terrorists deserve to keep Canadian citizenship.

His government refuses to fight against the transfer of child-killer Terri-Lynne McClintic to minimum-security ‘healing lodge.’

Trudeau has called returning ISIS terrorists a “powerful voice for change,” while his government lets them return.

Every chance they get, the Trudeau government sides with criminals, and goes against the vast majority of law-abiding Canadians – even demonizing law-abiding Canadian gun owners who haven’t broken any laws.

It’s a disturbing trend that has been repeated over and over again.

This is why more and more people are feeling that the government no longer represents them.

All of us are expected to obey the rules, follow the law, and pay our taxes. Yet, that same government we fund with our taxes repeatedly takes advantage of us, while bending over backwards for those who have violated Canada’s laws and committed horrible crimes.

And, while there is certainly a difference in severity between violent crimes and illegal border crossings, crossing the border illegally is still supposed to be a crime, and the Trudeau government has treated illegal border crossers far better than they treat many Canadian citizens.

Instead of being kicked out of the country, illegal border crossers have received taxpayer funded welfare benefits, housing, and transportation to their ‘preferred’ destination. Almost none of them have been deported.

What makes this so dangerous is that it begins to corrode and undermine the very legitimacy of the government itself. If the government puts criminals ahead of law-abiding citizens, how can Canadians have any confidence in our ‘leaders’?

The longer this goes on, the more our country will be torn apart from the inside.

Spencer Fernando

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D Me

The old adage rings true: Birds of a feather flock together. I am so looking forward to voting out this band of fools in 2019. The realist side of me says that there is a possibility that the Kokanee Groper might get in again – I’m hoping that if that is the case that it’s a minority government. It will ensure that Trudeau can no longer run amok with his nonsensical policies and will force him to try and appease the other parties.

seats Cris

Well said!

Gonzo the Magnificent

Yeah, appease other parties like the Greens and NDP. He will go even further to the left. They are the only ones that will support him after all.


Usually you pick your friends by your own values enough said .
If looks like a duck sounds like a duck walks like a duck. You have a duck!


It would seem that the Liberals disrespect Canadians. Just as they disrespect controlled borders. They throw their weight toward outsiders rather than throw their weight towards Canadians.


Trudeau is a definite looney tune , unexperienced in the process of real life , having lived a financially protected existence since birth , something is very loose up there where it counts !! he deserved to be in the same cage as the people he protects…see what happens

Ivan Hawkes

Justin’s agenda is deplorable. The LIEberal so called government is purposefully working AGAINST Canadians best interests. It is far beyond obvious that a plan exists to bring Canadians to our knees in the mud. Those who foolishly support the LIEberals are acting in a traitorous movement of undermining your own countries people and our future potential.


When Bob Rae doesn’t even understand the situation in Venezuela because of socialism, something sure is sad with the lack of knowledge! Bob Rae, stopping drinking the Liberal Kool-Aid. You ruined Ontario, while being the NDP Leader and now you don’t have a clue about the situation in Venezuela? I think it is time you resigned. Retire and go to the rubber room to join Wynne, McGuinty and your next room mate in 2019, class clown Justin!


Yep, our UN fake puppet government is taking us down. Do you think we can ever get Canada back? We need a President Trump, another Doug Ford, we need a real free common sense democracy, a leader to be able to stop this, get law and order back, our independence, and a STOP to the propaganda they are feeding us to make us useless. Listen to President Trumps UN speech again, this makes sense not what the UN is spouting.


Nancy do you feel Scheer is the guy to do what you just said? I’m seriously worried but what other choice is there? Hopefully he has a very strong team and doesn’t become another puppet to the UN or Soros or anyone else for that matter. The Cabal or going down.


Shelly, there is no choice, Andrew Scheer seems to say more of what we need as Canadians. The Conservatives under Harper were really trying to clean up the Lieberals building debts and huge mess, but they demonized PM Harper, Andrew Scheer is well aware of this but the Lieberal U.N. run media only makes him look weak or stupid by turning around all the mess they have made to look like the Conservatives are behind them or agree with them, when Conservatives do not. Bernier is a plant, to break the vote obviously, probably set up by the Lieberals, since… Read more »

Sewer Rat

Do you think we will get any of that with Scheer?


You are right, and it is so frustrating. Especially when our PM is a crook. I just thought of something, if he makes law abiding gun owners into criminals, could we demand our special rights as criminals? Hmmmm. Keep up the great work Spencer.

Dave Bainard

Is Jr’s goal to create anarchy in this country so he can establish a dictatorship with he hopes military backing?


He will have to force the military to back him after all the lies and lack of everything he’s done for them. My son is in the military and it’s really really sad no training at all no wonder there all getting out after 3 yrs.


We can only come to one conclusion. Trudeau is a criminal himself. Another type of criminal outside of the categories named above. We know he is a traitor, that is being a criminal. Trudeau never worked for THE PEOPLE who pay him. His agenda is a very sick one. I wonder why nobody so far has not asked for a psychiatric assessment cause the signs are blatantly obvious.

Elizabeth Thorne

Torn apart is exactly what the globalists want, weaken and conquer.


And only that, criminals know that the media will protect them over the safety and protection of their, media’s very own family and country. Criminals are not stupid like the liberal and media, they know exactly which party to infiltrate and fester; they know the liberals will do anything, anything to gain power. Once the liberals and the media or anyone,invite ‘evil’ into their midst, there is no getting out. CANADIANS HAVE NO IDEA WHAT FREEDOM IS UNTIL THEY LOSE IT. We suppose to have freedom but we are surrendering it to accommodate an ideology that does not respect nor… Read more »


Trudeau is the worst mistake in the history of Canada. He is destroying our great country. He cares nothing for Canada or us Canadian citizens, we deserve better. Just remember, liberals who voted for Trudeau, your future and your children’s and many generations will suffer for your ignorants. He will take your freedoms and rights away.


Trudeau and his bunch of moronic followers are toast in 2019. The Liberals best find a New leader before the next election if they expect to win.

Gonzo the Magnificent

The man is a globalist; that says it all! He cares just as much or more for global citizens than he does Canadians, which is why he is a traitor of the worst kind. WHO ARE THE IDIOTS THAT PLACED HIM IN POWER? This was evident years ago.

Grant Goulet

“This is why more and more people are feeling that the government no longer represents them.”
This Liberal government never has.

Mike Allan

The little socialist doesn’t have to live among the illegal criminals so why would he care.When jobs become more scarce and the debt looms out of control will the libtard voters learn a lesson.The answers are NO.As law abiding citizens go through more hurt and pain just maybe they won’t take the next election so lightly.Everytime libtards come to power the hard working voters of Canada loose.This is a sample of what big government is.It’s really sad that conservatives have to suffer the mindless acts of others.