INSANITY: Illegal Border Crossers File Human Rights Complaint Demanding Taxpayer-Funded Childcare Benefits

How the hell can that even be allowed?

If people enter Canada illegally, they have broken our law and committed a criminal act.

As such, they obviously shouldn’t be able to utilize our justice system against our own country.

And yet, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Two illegal border crossers (or ‘asylum seekers’ as the corrupt and destructive establishment media calls them), have filed an insane ‘human rights complaint,’ alleging that their so-called rights are being violated because they can’t get access to taxpayer-funded childcare benefits.

They complain that without the benefits, they’ll have to stay at home.

Vladimyr Mathieu and his wife – who are originally from Haiti and entered Canada illegally from the United States – say it’s unfair that they can’t get subsidized daycare in Quebec. Astoundingly, some radical leftist groups are actually helping them try and extract those taxpayer benefits, representing them for their complaints and arguing in their favour.

One group even said that helping the illegal crossers is ‘exactly what subsidized daycare was meant for.’

Of course, that’s total garbage.

Government services are supposed to go only towards citizens, and those with legal status in the country.

If someone is in Canada illegally, how the hell can they have any right to get taxpayer-funded benefits?

Have things really turned that upside down in this country that people who violate our laws are allowed to then turn around and file complaints against the very country in which they are illegally residing?

This only further shows how disgustingly pathetic and weak the entire bureaucracy and establishment have become, and how the Trudeau government is allowing our country and our citizens to be taken advantage of by lawbreakers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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