REPORT: Canada & U.S. Reach NAFTA Deal Say Sources

Early indications are that the deal will expand U.S. access to the Canadian dairy market, preserve the Chapter 19 dispute resolution mechanism, while not giving Canada clear exemptions from steel and aluminum tariffs.

Sources in both Canada and the U.S. say a deal has been reached on the North American Free Trade Agreement.

It is expected that a full text of the agreement will be released close to the midnight deadline.

There are indications that the most relevant parts of the agreement are as follows:

  • Canada will not be automatically exempted from tariffs on steel and aluminum, though an exemption from auto tariffs is expected.
  • The Chapter 19 dispute resolution mechanism will be preserved.
  • The U.S. will get expanded access to the Canadian dairy market, through a loosening of the import quotas imposed under the Supply Management system.

If the agreement adheres to these early indications, it is expected that both the Trudeau government and the Trump administration will have things they can attempt to spin to their political advantage.

Trump will say he got more access for U.S. dairy producers, while Trudeau will claim that he preserved Chapter 19 and refused to totally dismantle supply management.

However, Trudeau will likely face questions about how secure Canada is from future tariffs, and whether tariff threats will be used as further leverage going forward.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

Devil will be in the details. The real mess no doubt in the fine print.


This had to happen. Imagine the Liberals going into the next election with tariffs destroying the Ontario auto industry. Where are the steel and aluminum plants (I’m not saying smelters, as most of them aren’t) situated that the Libs don’t consider possible tariffs on those industries a threat to their next majority?


Have all the upstream and downstream effects on climate and pollution been calculated for the auto industry and the aluminum and steel industries? Barbie should have these numbers memorized as the downstream effects on climate from automobiles last for decades and steel can last for centuries, polluting all the way, all the time.

Both those industries must be shut down until the numbers can be calculated and their pollution brought down to barbie’s acceptable levels.

Roger Shelswell

Exactly Francis. The election is the only reason the idiot consented ton the deal. Thank You, Donald Trump, for putting the ignorance of our unqualified negotiators behind you and thinking about the Canadian people.


Problem is, will businesses still leave Canada due to Justin Trudeau liberal government’s ‘High Taxes’?


a well orchestrated drama on both sides

alan skelhorne

maybe a lot of drama, but now president trump realises what a back stabber justina is. if trudeau thinks he won anything against president trump, he better sleep with one eye open, because of what trudeau did to president trump after the g7 meeting.




Timothy Hickey

This deal should go to Canadians before it is ratified! Any deal signed under duress is most likely not a good agreement for Canadians!

The 2/3 rule should be in play on this agreement! A Free and Unwhipped vote requiring at minimum 2/3 of elected and sitting Members before Canadians are bound to an agreement for any length of time! The power of decision-making must be held by the people!

Roger Shelswell

Thank GOD This country is on the verge of bankruptcy now.No deal would have meant no country. The only thing good to come out of that is that we would have become part of the United States.B ut we would have suffered a lot before that happened. This deal sounds a lot better than I thought it would.


Taxes are still high for any business to remain here. So, what has Justin Trudeau done so differently that is so great beside agreeing to NAME Change from NAFTA TO USMCA? Food? It still will cost us to buy food because of liberal jihadi Justin’s high taxes.
Now, if taxes was low, then there is something to think about. But it is not!
I guarantee you Jihadi Justin will do something ‘secretive to help keep the Dairy Cartel alive and prosperous because, he needs their money and votes.

Thirteen months to arrive at this?