BREAKING: Coalition Avenir Québec Wins Majority Government, Liberals Booted From Power

Another massive loss for the Liberals at the provincial level.

The Quebec Liberals have been decisively defeated by the right-leaning Coalition Avenir Quebec led by Francois Legault.

The race was called with about half of all ridings reporting results, with all projections showing a CAQ majority.

Legault’s CAQ had run on a platform of defending Quebec’s values, strengthening the efficiency of the education system, improving transportation, toughening up integration, reducing immigration, improving access to family doctors, and reducing hospital wait times.

The CAQ had a dominating performance in the popular vote, with around 39% of the vote compared to the Liberals at 28%, the separatist PQ at 19%, and the communist separatist Quebec Solidaire at around 12%.

Legault was a former separatist who renounced sovereignty, forming a new party to provide an alternative to the Quebec Liberals and the Separatist PQ.

The PQ was decimated, with them and the other Separatist Party (the communist Quebec Solidaire) getting about a dozen seats between them.

Quebec’s election results are yet another rebuke to the Liberals at the provincial level, following Ontario’s massive rejection of the Ontario Liberals and election of Conservative Doug Ford.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gonzo the Magnificent

One can only wish…..and that is about it!


Oh, how the media MUST weep after working so hard manipulating the news to suit the liberals which many canadians saw right through them to vote against them, liberals.
Jihadi justin’s own riding of PAPINEAU GONE TO THE CAQ.

alan skelhorne

come on trudeau, i dare you to call an election.


Finally some common sense is returning to our country. Bit by bit we will eliminate the Liberals.

Tim Chapman

Gee……its almost like people took offence to Trudeau roughing up a grandmother and calling her a racist for asking about when he was going to take care of Quebecois over illegal immigrants…..


Maybe Canada can get back on it’s feet, next Oct 2019 Trudeau must be stopped or the nations books on debt will never be fixed, and equal fair law and order must again prevail in Canada.


May we live in interesting times,


Anyone still voting liberal is sick! Look at what has been exposed from that horrific party!