FAIL: Despite USMCA Deal, Tariffs On Canadian Steel & Aluminum Are Still In Place

Once you look beyond the spin from Trudeau & the establishment media, it’s obvious that Canadian negotiators didn’t get any real wins out of the agreement.

At the present moment, the Trudeau government and establishment media are teaming up to make it seem like the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is a big win for our country.

But that’s not the case.

Not only does the deal simply preserve the status quo while shifting that status quo more in favour of the U.S., but it also didn’t even remove the tariffs imposed on Canada’s steel and aluminum industry.

Considering how ‘intense’ the negotiations supposedly were, it’s almost unbelievable that the issue of steel and aluminium tariffs weren’t addressed in the deal.

And that’s not the only example of how Canada made one-way concessions.

We can see that all the changes to the agreement are in the favour of the U.S., while Trudeau’s ‘wins’ are simply the avoidance of negatives.

The U.S. will get further access to our dairy market, they’ve put a cap on our auto exports, metal tariffs are still in place, and the Trudeau government surrendered on intellectual property. Additionally, there are indications that the deal will increase prescription drug prices in Canada.

So, Canada only avoided some disastrous changes, while making concessions, and getting no real concessions in return.

That is NOT a win.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Timothy Hickey

This deal should be put to the the Canadian PEOPLE in 2019! We cannot trust Trudeau on any level, and the electorate in this country should have the final authority on the ratification of USMCA!

James krause

Turdo and Freeland are both incompetent morons what did you expect?


So, how happy are the easterners who swooned over this imbecile now? Are you glad that this idiot has no clue about what he is doing? Are you happy that his push for his gender & climate garbage were addressed?
The east really needs to look at what they did when they fell for the incompetence of another trudo. His father almost destroyed this country & this waste of skin is finishing it.


Maybe once we get, if possible, a FOR Canada government, we can actually get Canada working again, a lot of what we do is have things made elsewhere and assemble them, sometimes, in Canada then ship them to the states, maybe our steel mills can actually start to really work again, maybe we can again start refining the oil and gas again, right here by Canadian companies as we used to etc. We have so many natural resources, we, with Canadian companies, that is what a real for the people government would do, not sell out all the time as… Read more »


Maybe the tariffs are still on steel and aluminum because Canadian companies buy garbage from China and sell to USA

Bilbo Baagginns

The only deal was ever going to be in America’s favor.
Climate and gender, what a farce!


Spencer, check Manny Ottawa on ‘Clause 32’ which jihadi Justin surrendered to Donald Trump.
Once again, check Manny’s twitter site. Thanks.