REPORT: Islamic Charity Suspended By CRA After Sending $136K To Region Where Hizbul Mujahideen Is Fighting Against India

The Mississauga-based group must also pay a $550,000 fine.

The Islamic Society of North America-Canada is facing a suspension and a $550,000 fine, after they sent money to a region where a terrorist group is fighting against a Canadian ally.

According to Global News, “Government auditors alleged ISNA-Canada had “failed to conduct any meaningful due diligence” when it transferred $136,000 to the war-torn Kashmir region, where the militant Hizbul Muhajideen has been fighting Indian troops. By acting as a “conduit” for other organizations, ISNA-Canada “may have, knowingly or unknowingly, provided the benefits of its status as a registered charity to support the efforts of a political party and its armed wing,” the CRA wrote.”

In another show of government weakness, ISNA-Canada did not have their charitable status revoked.

Still, they have been banned from conducting “overseas operations.”

They also must pay a fine of $550,000.

ISNA-Canada denied having any links to terrorism.

The report notes that “ISNA-Canada runs mosques and provides services to Muslims such as weddings, funerals and “accounting services to other Islamic charities in the surrounding community.” During the suspension, it is prohibited from issuing receipts allowing donors to claim their contributions as income tax deductions.”

The key issue is that ISNA-Canada gave $90,000 to a group called “the Relief Organization for Kashmir Muslims.” That group is considered an arm of Jamaat-e-Islami. Jamaat-e-Islami has a militant wing, referred to as ‘Hizbul Mujahideen.’

Both the U.S. and Euro consider Hizbul Mujahideen to be a terrorist group.

Additionally, ISNA-Canada gave $46,000 to “the Kashmiri Relief Fund of Canada,” have raised money for the Relief Organization of Kashmiri Muslims according to the CRA.

The report goes even further, showing there is clearly a horrible problem in Mississauga:

“The suspension and penalty were the latest results of federal audits of four formerly affiliated Mississauga charities. ISNA Islamic Services of Canada was stripped of its charitable status last year after auditors raised concerns about possible funding of Hizbul Mujahideen. ISNA Development Foundation was stripped of its charity status in 2013 over similar concerns. The Canadian Islamic Trust Foundation’s charity status was also revoked.”

This is why Canada needs a far tougher crackdown on those so-called charities, with far more enforcement, far tougher punishments, and more investigations into groups that are facilitating Islamist terror under the guise of ‘charitable’ status.

Internal threats to our nation must be exposed and dealt with ASAP, without ever letting political correctness get in the way of protecting the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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They need to be deported as well!

Ana Gomes

That would mean exclusion!!!! How can you think of excluding Canadian terrorists from Canada? We are an inclusive bunch of fools, just like our Govern. forces us to be. Those people who betray us are a great source of information for the PMO. We need them here. A new Canadian is always better and more than an” old -bag- Canadian “who is going to vote Conservative. Those are the ones that have to be replaced and our Golden Goose will do it for us.He promised.


The donors should also be audited and the donation deductions reversed. CRA has to get their act together to investigate and audit Tides, Greenpiece, Dogwood and other enviro-fascists to look at their close association with Trudeau’s friend Soros.

shawn harris

Remember that it was Harper who started the crackdown on charities such as ISNA and others. But it was Trudeau who cancelled all of these audits, only so he could curry favour with them and secure their votes during the last election. So instead of, by now, seeing a large reduction in these treasonous charities, we are now having to start all over again. And like the Tamil Tigers, Canadian charity arm who claimed it was all being used for non terrorist activities, so too does these same muslim charities, who loudly proclaim, they are a religion of peace to… Read more »


When a charity uses North America or Canada in its name it shouldn’t be allowed to transfer money outside of the country, We have lots of muslims refugees that could use help, Also if they want to ship something overseas it should be Canadian made like coffins, sleeping bags, blankets, canned food. Nothing that could be used as weapons, no knifes, axes etc etc.

Ana Gomes

The Government of India is piling up the reasons to love our Prime Mistake. From lies to terrorists, it is so sweet of him.!!!Who would be afraid of our guy? A few hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of terrorism going their way is no cause for concern. Fear is the only concern, and the only sin, is it not Mr PM? Since you forbid fear of Islam, we feel so safe and protected.!!!

Ana Gomes

All corrupt politicians have Charitable Foundations. Such foundations have masses of money to pay for future speaking fees for the politicos who were so generous to donate millions to imaginary beneficiaries.What is the Trudeau Foundation doing these days? Are the investigators at CBC and other MS Media a bit interested at looking and seeing what is going on in that Foundation? No, no no, not liberal ethics commissioners , no way!!!We would like to see a graph telling us who contributed to such org and when and how much and how was it spent? Forbid politicians to start Charitable Foundations.… Read more »


Like our U.N. run Lieberal puppets and their mainstream media, so unethical, newcomers like this came here to use us with Lieberal help, to scratch each others backs, so to speak. Mr. Harper was looking into all this, but with all the fake charities now in Canada including Trudeaus own, somehow the social justice warriors fake U.N. run Lieberals were somehow un democratically elected with pot and foreign fixed votes by these very same enemy charities to Canada and again our laws are not used. I am glad that finally the CRA is trying to do something. We need good,… Read more »

Valerie Clark



they shoulnt be alloid to stay in canada, or in jail, they are a theathening to national security


canada loves funding anti Indian terrorist groups hmm..