USMCA: Don’t Fall For Justin Trudeau’s Deceptive NAFTA Spin

Avoiding total disaster is not the same as succeeding.

As predicted, the Trudeau government is claiming that the new NAFTA deal – now called the United States-Mexico-Canada-Agreement (USMCA) – is a ‘win’ for Canada.

They have to say this, and would have said exactly the same thing no matter what the agreement was.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s true, and we need to make sure we don’t fall for Justin Trudeau’s deceptive spin.

Consider what was said by Daniel Dale – who nobody could ever call a Trump apologist:

“I’m hearing a bunch of this from Trump critics, but it’s not correct. There are numerous changes in the new agreement. Incremental changes but real changes, several of which are Canadian and Mexican concessions to Trump.”

“The question is whether these incremental changes were worth what this Trumpified process has done to relations with Canada and Mexico and to businesses hurt by the uncertainty. And whether they’re good policy; odd to call something a “win” just because it’s what Trump wanted.”

“For example, there are complicated areas, such as intellectual property, where experts say Canada has given significant ground to the U.S. here. Not my job to judge how good a deal it is, but not accurate to say nothing changed but dairy and the name.”

Matthew Rimmer – a professor of Intellectual Property and Innovation Law – discussed the agreement as well:

“In the new IP Chapter of #USMCA, @realdonaldtrump really crushed @JustinTrudeau in the negotiations – with copyright term extensions, TPMs, ISP liability, patent term adjustments, biologics, data protection, and trade secrets”

The Ford government in Ontario has also expressed concerns about dairy concessions, and the fact that steel & aluminum tariffs remain in place.

Avoiding total disaster is not the same thing as success

One thing you’ll notice in how the Trudeau government discusses NAFTA is that they are trying to make it seem like avoiding disaster is somehow the same as success. It’s not.

The reality is that the ‘wins’ Trudeau plans to claim are not ‘wins’ at all. Chapter 19 remains in place – which is simply the status quo. Supply management was not dismantled, while the U.S. gets more dairy access – which is the status quo plus a change in favour of the U.S. position.

There won’t be auto tariffs – but Canada had to agree to a cap on auto exports to the U.S. – which again is the status quo plus a change in favour of the U.S. position. 

And steel & aluminum tariffs remain in place.

Keep all of the above in mind when you hear Trudeau & Freeland push their deceptive spin. While much of the establishment media will uncritically push Trudeau’s propaganda line, with the information above we can push back with the truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

Trump has said before that Turdeau was weak and now he just proved it ,Turdeau just set up the dimwit Freeland to take the blame


Thank you Spencer, I have been reading and reading, but there is little real info out there as yet, except as you say the UN puppets say they’ve solved it all is good, and well that is LIEberal, now we wait.


Thirteen months of negotiations for nothing. Taxes still remain high which means foods and products remain high. Jihadi Justin only agree with name change. whoopee!
Trump knows that, as long as High Tax man Jihadi Justin keeps up with high taxing, businesses and jobs will go to either USA or Mexico.

Elizabeth Thorne

Freeland and Trudeau have made fools of themselves, acted like spoiled brats, absolutely no diplomacy. The US has always been a friend of Canada, but these 2 like the divide and conquer game they are so good at playing. Laughing stock, disgraceful. 2019

Gerri Page

Trudeau and the Liberals played Trump to the last minute and instead of Trump patting him on the back, he should kick Trudeau’s butt. Now Trudeau will look like he was a hero and the fools will fall for it and vote him back in.

Barry Bateman

Trump showed his respect for Canada, while patting Trudeau on the head.

shawn harris

So what did Canada and Canadians get for all of Trudeau’s false virtuousness and demands for gender equality, gender rights, labour reforms and new environmental regulations?. Canada and Canadians got sweet nothing but the privilege to go down on our knees, kiss Trump’s ring finger and say thank you for not totally destroying what is left of our already Trudeau destroyed economy. But, somehow , in the twisted socialist world of Trudeau this the “right deal and not just any deal” according to what Trudeau has said from the beginning. Yet there still isn’t any words or promise that the… Read more »


The quotas on cars only applies if the US slaps tariff’s on cars for “national security purposes” In the unlikely event that happens Canada and Mexico will be allowed to export 2.6 million cars each to the US duty free. As for there being more incentives for cars to be produced in the US I don’t see it. NA content increases to 75% but that increase can come from Mexico or Canada. The US originally wanted to have a requirement that 50% of the content be from the States but they backed down on that. The Steel and Aluminum tariff’s… Read more »

CHRIS Lalonde

Dont worry ppl of the United states we hate that moron too cant wait to vote that waste of skin and his party out in 2019