VIDEO: Trudeau Repeatedly Dodges Questions On USMCA Specifics

Instead of answering the questions, Trudeau hid behind talking points.

During Question Period, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer asked Justin Trudeau for details on the new USMCA.

Scheer asked about the “Buy American” provision, steel tariffs, softwood lumber tariffs, and pharmaceuticals.

He pointed out that all the supposed ‘gains’ being promoted by Trudeau are things that were already in NAFTA.

As Scheer explained, Trudeau didn’t really get any concessions from the U.S., while making big concessions to what the U.S. wanted.

Yet, despite Scheer’s repeated questions, Trudeau refused to give any real answers. Instead, he hid behind talking points.

You can watch the Question Period exchange below:

If Trudeau is so afraid of actually discussing specifics, it’s pretty clear that he doesn’t actually think it’s a good deal.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Maybe he cannot talk about it as he has no idea whatsoever about anything


That’s what I was thinking

Ana Gomes

You got it right.His ministers are smarter than he is, why should he be doing the” thinking work”?

Vn Wyck

JT is a complete and utter moron. When are Canadians going to wake up and reject what this man stands for? He is an empty suit, but he’s getting better at memorizing his ridiculous answers. I guess practice makes perfect, even for Rain Man Trudeau!


What is the point of having the house of commons when the socialist United nations puppets will not answer questions or even tell our elected representatives what is really happening and discussing it civilly in the House of Commons. Democracy in Canada is failing rapidly, The U.N. Lieberal puppets are just so rude, the frustrated NDP member using the F-bomb obviously was beyond belief at the lies, at how unethical Parliament has become. Vote Conservative 2019.


The a-hole still cannot answer a question.