VIDEO: Trump Talks About The USMCA

Trump praises new agreement, spars with media in news conference.

U.S. President Donald Trump spoke about the USMCA and other issues – including the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh – during a news conference.

Trump’s remarks can be seen below:

Here’s what the White House said about the agreement in a statement:

“The Administration worked closely with partners to create a better deal that advances the interests of American workers, farmers, ranchers, and businesses.

American auto manufacturers and workers will benefit from new rules of origin requiring 75 percent of auto content to be produced in North America.

The new agreement will incentivize billions of dollars in additional United States vehicle and auto parts production.

Workers will also benefit from rules that will incentivize the use of high-wage manufacturing labor in the auto sector, supporting better jobs for American workers.

USMCA’s labor chapter represents the strongest labor provisions of any trade agreement.

USMCA’s labor chapter is a core part of the agreement and will make the labor provisions fully enforceable.

USMCA is a win for American farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness as it includes important improvements that will enable food and agriculture to trade more fairly.

Canada will eliminate its “Class 7” program that allows low-priced dairy ingredients to undersell American dairy products.

Canada will provide new access for American dairy products, eggs, and poultry.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

Interesting that Trump acknowledged Trudeau but not Freeland.


When the USA and Mexico announced their trade deal, their representatives were there, and talked to, later Pres. Trump spoke with the Mexican president. For Canada, not so, at least not televised our Canadian reps. no show, and Pres. Trump, made the announcement on his own with his reps. there. Pres. Trump said he spoke with Trudeau earlier, and probably lied when he said he like that guy. But Canada’s U.N. run Lieberals and I guess most of their Lieberal media, did not think this was important enough to make a showing ( or too embarrassed). Canada is a joke… Read more »