WATCH: Trudeau & Freeland News Conference On USMCA Deal

During a press conference, Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland discussed the USMCA, the new deal that will replace NAFTA.

Here’s what they said:

In a statement, the PMO said the following:

“Following more than a year of negotiations, the three countries have reached understandings in key areas, including rules of origin for automotive manufacturing, agriculture, labour, intellectual property rights, culture, and dispute settlement. Further, Canada has ensured that any US Section 232 tariffs will not impact Canadian auto and auto parts exports. Canada has successfully preserved key elements of the original NAFTA, while building on the agreement to expand opportunity and improve protections for workers across North America. The resulting agreement offers crucial predictability and stability for Canadian businesses, investors, traders, workers, and innovators.”

Of course, as I noted earlier, Trudeau is trying to spin the absence of total disaster as somehow being the same thing as success:

“The reality is that the ‘wins’ Trudeau plans to claim are not ‘wins’ at all. Chapter 19 remains in place – which is simply the status quo. Supply management was not dismantled, while the U.S. gets more dairy access – which is the status quo plus a change in favour of the U.S. position.

There won’t be auto tariffs – but Canada had to agree to a cap on auto exports to the U.S. – which again is the status quo plus a change in favour of the U.S. position.

And steel & aluminum tariffs remain in place.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Elizabeth Thorne

No, Spencer, I will not watch either one of the loons. 2019


So we have a journalist and a drama teacher negotiating with a businessman.
Who is going to get the better deal. That’s why voting in lawyers and journalists to be our reps does us no good.

Moe. S.

When Trudeau stated, “we have emerged stronger.” The agreement reached is, “good for Canadian workers; good for businesses; good for families and good for the middle class” I stopped listening. Everything he promised during the election campaign was “good for the middle class.” He has done NOTHING for the middle class to date. So, what specifically is good? The only ‘good’ likely is having saved Trudeau’s ass before the next election in which he can now brag how HE stood up to Trump on behalf of Canadians. lol

Don Taylor

I don’t think there would doubt who would get the better deal out of The USMCA Turdeau gave away the farm because him and dopey Freeland where way out the league that the USA plays in


is there a chance in hell that blind liberals will see the real truth and reform their thinking ???


When you have not much of substance to declare, you spend most of your time THANKING other people !! that is after you send them love and hugs emoticons of course


most of what they suggest as a COMPENSATION has been stated by the Conservatives as a remedy ….so why are these head bopping clowns in charge ??

shawn harris

Trudeau says that this new trade deal, the USMCA trade deal will provide ” crucial. stability and predictability for businesses, investors and workers”. So far there isn’t any evidence of achieving any of those declared beliefs. After all, how can Trudeau, Freeland or any other cabinet minister of Trudeau’s government make those claims, when they have given away far more than they got in return. Trudeau has given away, frittered away, a very good and lucrative trade deal, NAFTA, for a new trade deal, the USMCA, where Canada and Canadians get to pay far more for everything and get even… Read more »


Sorry, cannot listen to this goof.