FACTS: Massive LNG Canada Project Was Approved Under Harper, Not Trudeau

For some reason the establishment media seems unwilling to mention this.

The massive, $40 billion LNG Canada project is now going ahead, and Justin Trudeau is rushing to take credit for it.

Much of the media is helping him, by neglecting to mention a key fact:

The LNG Canada project was approved by the Harper Government.

As you can see here, the Harper government, and the BC government led by Christy Clark, approved the project through an environmental assessment in June of 2015.

Here’s what Leona Aglukkaq – the Environment Minister in the Harper government, said at the time:

“This decision strengthens Canada’s position as a world leader in responsible resource development and will diversify Canadian energy export markets by sending clean-burning natural gas to Asia. It will also bolster economic growth, create good, high-paying jobs for Canadians and ensure that local and Aboriginal communities in the Kitimat region benefit from B.C.’s growing resource sector.”

“Specifically, the project is expected to create up to 7,500 direct jobs to support the construction phase and up to 800 direct jobs to operate the facility. Construction of the terminal could potentially contribute nearly $20 billion to Canada’s economy and the operation of the facility is expected to create as much as $14.5 billion in economic activity every year.”

So, the project was clearly approved under the Harper government.

Additionally, Harper announced tax breaks for the LNG industry in February of 2015, further strengthening the project.

Here’s what the B.C. government said about those tax breaks on February 19, 2015:

“Premier Christy Clark and Deputy Premier Rich Coleman today welcomed Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s action to enhance the competitiveness of B.C.’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry through a new tax relief.

“This is great news for the creation of LNG jobs in British Columbia, and great news for Canada,” said Premier Christy Clark. “We have been working with the federal government and industry for some time to achieve this outcome, and I am pleased they have delivered today.”

What happened recently was a final investment decision by the LNG Canada consortium, deciding to move forward with the project. That’s not the same as government approval.

Of course, it’s good news for Canada, and it’s a rare example of investment in our country at a time when investment is collapsing.

That said, it’s essential that Trudeau not be allowed to spin the LNG Canada investment and take credit for it, when credit really belongs to the Harper government and the B.C. government of Christy Clark. Most of the media won’t report it, so that’s why we need to get the facts out ourselves.

Spencer Fernando


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