If Trudeau & Freeland Got Such A Good Deal, Why Are All Their So-Called ‘Gains’ Things That Were Already In NAFTA?

For example, Freeland tried claiming that they ‘got’ Chapter 19 protections for the Softwood Lumber industry. But Chapter 19 was already in place.

The Trudeau Liberals, the elites, and the establishment media are in a full-court press to try and make the new USMCA look like a huge ‘win’ for the government, and give it the appearance of a brilliant strategic victory due to great negotiation.

The reality however is that such an interpretation breaks down under closer inspection.

In Question Period, Chrystia Freeland tried claiming that the Trudeau government somehow ‘won’ by getting the Chapter 19 dispute resolution in the agreement.

Except, Chapter 19 was already in the agreement.

It’s not anything new.

It’s the status quo.

The government also claimed ‘wins’ on the avoidance of auto tariffs, and not totally dismantling supply management.

But again, that’s the status quo.

What this means is that all the supposed ‘concessions’ by the U.S. to Canada aren’t concessions at all. They represent things staying as they are.

Meanwhile, the Trudeau government made actual concessions to the U.S.

They gave in on pharmaceuticals, they gave in on intellectual property, they gave in on dairy access, they gave in on ‘Buy American,’ and they gave in on steel tariffs.

Now, that means it’s simply wrong to say that the concessions from the Trudeau government were somehow equaled on the other side.

They weren’t.

It was one-sided.

And no matter how anyone tries to spin it, a deal that is the status quo + slightly worse for Canada cannot accurately be described as a win.

Perhaps that’s why the Liberal strategy in Question Period has been to avoid discussing actual details, and instead try attacking other parties. After all, if the Trudeau Liberals were truly proud of the deal they signed, why wouldn’t they be willing to talk about the substance of it?

Spencer Fernando

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