Incoming Quebec Premier Says He’ll Cut Immigration & Is Willing To Override Charter To Ban Face Coverings In “Positions Of Authority”

He also wants to reduce Quebec’s dependence on equalization payments.

After his crushing landslide victory over the Liberals, incoming Quebec Premier Francois Legault is sticking to the tough promises he made during the campaign.

According to the CP, Legault says he’ll cut immigration into the province by 10,000 per year, bringing the yearly number from 50,000 to 40,000.

He also plans to toughen up integration:

“At 40,000 immigrants a year, Quebec will receive more, per capita, than the United States and France,” Legault said in defence of his policy. “Our objective is to better integrate them, teach them French, find them a good job and recognize their diplomas.”

Legault is also willing to use the Nothwithstanding Clause to override the Charter in order to implement legislation to restrict things like the Burka and Niqab among public service members in “positions of authority.”

Here’s what a CAQ spokesperson said about their view on the full face coverings:

“As for religious symbols, our position has been the same since 2012: only people in positions of authority will be asked to abstain from wearing a religious symbol, including primary and secondary school teachers. And although we will not ban them, we are not afraid to say it: We remain totally against the niqab, chador and burqa. We must send a clear message we do not like the idea of these symbols of the oppression of women. We plan only to prohibit these symbols for all public service employees.”

Today, Legault said“I think the vast majority of Quebecers, they would like to have a framework where we say that people in authority positions must not wear religious signs, and if we have to use the notwithstanding clause to apply what the majority of Quebecers want, we will do so.”

Polls back up what Legault said. Despite the corrupt elites and scared pandering federal parties all opposing measures to restrict the Niqab and Burka, all polls show massive support for the restrictions, not only in Quebec, but in every province.

Legault has sent a quick signal that he’s not backing down or giving in to political correctness, and will ensure that basic, common sense values are respected in the new government. He also says he wants Quebec to be less reliant on transfer payments from other provinces, which will certainly be appreciated across Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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interesting how the Trump modus operandi and economical platform seems to pervade the globe … Trou DEAU your sunny ways SUCK

don morris

I think many people are starting to find out they are not alone in their beliefs that constant pandering to foreigners is to the detriment of Canadians.

Cheers to the new Premier of Quebec for his common sense stand,unlike our PM who never met a special interest group he wouldn’t suckhole to.

Dave Bainard

Finally a Quebec leader showing signs of common sense. If he stands against carbon taxes and for pipelines he may gain a lot of allies from other provinces.


Nice going Quebec. Rejecting the liberal agenda was the only real choice. Let’s keep on showing up to vote out the liberal / leftist / socialist / globalist cancer.

Marjorie Mole

What is his position on allowing young people of 19 years old to smoke marijuana
You have spoken about this Spencer that even at 19 the young brain is not completely formed yet. I would hope that this he is going to remove this from Quebec.


The legal age for marijuana in Quebec will be 21. He won’t back down from that either.


Religious symbols need not be banned. What should be banned are full face coverings.