REPORT: Premier Doug Ford Says Liberal Labour Legislation That Raised Prices & Slashed Jobs Will Be Scrapped

Ford says the legislation cost tons of jobs and was bad for business.

When the Wynne-Liberals brought in Bill 148, many warned that it would be bad for businesses in the province, and would end up hurting many workers by destroying jobs.

Those fears were realized, when tens of thousands of jobs were lost, and business owners said they had to cut positions because of the rapid minimum wage increases that the legislation ordered.

In response to those concerns about damage to workers and damage to businesses in the province, Ontario Premier Doug Ford says that his government will scrap Bill 148.

Said Ford, “We’re going to make sure we’re competitive around the world. We’re getting rid of Bill 148. We’re going to make sure we protect the front-line workers.”

The legislation had caused price increases, cuts to working hours, and an outright reduction in job positions.

The head of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce slammed Bill 148, detailing the problems it caused:

“The very real unintended consequences (of Bill 148) have forced our members to decrease product offerings and increase the price of products being sold, hire fewer employees, reduce services and hours of operation, cut back on employee benefits, and halt capital investment — all in an effort to stay afloat.”

The move by Ford is the latest effort by the Ontario PCs to reverse the serious damage the Wynne-Liberals did to the Ontario economy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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fred Dimmick

Sadly much of the damage can’t be undone. Raised prices seldom if ever get lowered. One can hope some of the jobs lost can be recovered and more created.

Ron Voss

The Ford political agenda at this stage is primarily reversing the Liberal’s bad legislation. Lots of house cleaning.

shawn harris

Doug Ford truly sees what the needs of the public and business are. The public and business want, even demand lower taxes, low regulations, that help create jobs and no social engineering crap, from the Liberals and NDP. The McGuinty and Wynne Liberals together pandered to their socialist unions and special interest groups for votes at the expense of both the public and the economy. That type of thinking and governing was what brought Ontario and our economy to its knees. Now the PCs have but no choice to bulldoze everything the Liberals did during their disastrous 15 years in… Read more »

S Williston

BRAVO to Premier Ford and his government for the great progress made in such an infinitesimal timespan!

After FIFTEEN consecutive years of the McGuinty/Wynne-Horwath tag team of absolute and indisputable disastrous policies, the challenge the Premier is faced with to get this province back on track is akin to trying to clean up the Exxon Valdez oil spill with a teaspoon!


Gee common sense, as the low wages were increased by law, every employees wages needed to increase, or they all felt they had a minimum wage job, this brought in more taxes as it put everyone in a higher tax bracket- win for the government. As it increased companies had to charge more- as prices increased-win for the government, more tax collected, It was a government tax grab, and really the workers didn’t make more they made less as the price of everything goes up, and more tax is being paid, this only helps the high tax governments. Until more… Read more »