WATCH: Poilievre Slams Trudeau Liberals For ‘Capitulating’ To Donald Trump

The Liberals are trying to take credit for things we’ve had for 25 years said Poilievre.

In Question Period, Pierre Poilievre ripped the Trudeau Liberals for “backing down to Donald Trump,” and “capitulating.”

Poilievre said the Liberals “can’t point to any victory on ‘Buy America’,” and failed to get rid of tariffs on Canadian steel & aluminum tariffs.

In response, Chrystia Freeland then claimed the Conservatives were the ones who wanted to ‘capitulate.’

Poilievre pushed back, saying the Liberals capitulated on auto exports, copyright, pharmaceuticals, and dairy, while getting nothing in response.

You can watch the Question Period battle below:

Liberals claim the deal is a ‘win,’ but Canada didn’t actually get any gains, and made big concessions.

It’s a point many have made, and it could be seen in Freeland’s final answer where she said “we got” Chapter 19 for the softwood lumber industry.

Of course, Chapter 19 – the dispute resolution mechanism – already existed. So the Liberals are taking credit for things that already existed, while being totally unable to point to any new wins. And unsurprisingly, the media refuses to make that point.

We can only conclude that Trudeau and Freeland failed in the negotiations, and made one-sided concessions without getting anything in return.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

Besides losing a lot of time pushing ridiculous issues and alienating a Trump they put themselves into a position of negotiating from weakness after Mexico percevered and settled first. We probably had a stronger hand at the outset.


Watching Freeland is like watching a puppet show , you can almost see the strings (?)

D Me

Wow! It’s astonishing that Freeland puffs out her chest and says they did what Canadians expected them to do. Nothing could be further from the truth. If she and Trudeau hadn’t dithered for so long and had not tried to foist their nonsensical feminist and climate ideology on the US, we would have had a MUCH better deal. Now we are stuck with the dregs of the deal between the US & Mexico. Open up your wallets Canada, the Liberals just cost you a whole lot more money.


Freeland and Trudeau botched the job of the new trade agreement with the US.