ANOTHER LOSS FOR TRUDEAU: Manitoba Rejects “Dangerous” & “Risky” Carbon Tax, Slams Threats From Federal Government

“We are standing up for Manitobans, by saying ‘yes’ to Manitoba’s green plan, and ‘no’ to a carbon tax,” said Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister.

Justin Trudeau has suffered another big loss.

Manitoba, the home of yours truly and one of the few provinces that was still supporting the carbon tax, is now strongly rejecting the carbon tax.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister said “Today, I stood up for Manitoba to ensure our Made-In-Manitoba Green Plan receives the respect it deserves from Ottawa. Here is a message to my fellow Manitobans on WHY we say YES to #GREEN without a carbon tax.”

You can watch Pallister’s remarks below:

Former Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall welcomed Manitoba to the anti-carbon tax coalition:

“Welcome, Manitoba to full opposition to a federally-imposed carbon tax that focuses on less than 2% of global emissions while risking foundational trade-exposed jobs all across Canada.”

The move by Manitoba is a massive loss for Trudeau, who had regularly touted Manitoba as the only province led by a Conservative that was willing to support the carbon tax.

But even that wasn’t enough for Trudeau, as he and McKenna said Manitoba’s plan didn’t take enough money out of the pockets of taxpayers, and then threatened to cut federal funds to Manitoba and threatened to impose the federal carbon tax over Manitoba’s objections.

Pallister’s previous support of a carbon tax was widely unpopular with the Conservative base in Manitoba, but now that over half of Canada’s population is represented by provincial leaders who oppose the federal carbon tax, Pallister has brought Manitoba into the ascendant anti-carbon tax coalition.

We are now clearly seeing that Justin Trudeau’s dictatorial imposition of the federal carbon tax is creating enemies across the country, and waking people up to how little respect Trudeau has for taxpayers and other leaders in Canada.

The anti-carbon tax movement continues gaining strength.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter