APPALLING: The Trudeau Liberals Voted Against Putting Terri-Lynne McClintic Behind Bars

As a result of Trudeau government inaction, Tori Stafford’s killer will remain at a minimum security ‘healing lodge’ without fences, and where children are present.

A common-sense Conservative motion to call on the federal government to put Terri-Lynne McClintic – who murdered 8-year-old Tori Stafford – behind bars, has been voted down.

The Trudeau Liberals voted against it.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer ripped the Liberals after the vote:

“Justin Trudeau has failed Tori Stafford, her family, and Canadians by refusing to put Tori Stafford’s killer back behind bars. This is absolutely disgusting and Conservatives will continue to fight to put this murderer back behind bars where she belongs.”

Scheer is right, it is totally disgusting. Tori Stafford’s father had written an emotional letter to Trudeau opposing McClintic’s transfer to the ‘healing lodge,’ but Trudeau has failed to act.

A video of the vote can be seen below, so you can see who voted incorrectly and act accordingly at election time:

If your MP voted wrong, tell them how you feel about it. Massive public pressure must be brought upon those who made the decision to keep a brutal killer in a minimum-security ‘healing lodge.’

Every common-sense Canadian knows that Terri-Lynne McClintic belongs behind bars, and any politician that fails to understand that simple truth must be defeated.

Contact your MP at the link below:

MP contact link

Spencer Fernando

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yvon monahan

Well done, more ammo for the CPC for the 2019 election campaign.


How can loser Trudeau sleep at night???? And why is he still walking (strutting like Freeland) around??


This is not about being politically correct or proper posturing. It is about an innocent 8 yearold girl getting justice. Canada claims to be a country that cares about victims and always seems to posture itself on the world stage as a hero to the world. A feminist prime minister who speaks for 3 percent of the population and the rest of you be damned. A place of freedom, and a place of progression and democracy. Yet who is getting a good deal here? Obviously not this innocent child whose parents are getting re- victimized. And not dear old Omar… Read more »


It’s Soy. Men have been loaded up with estrogen from the GMO foods the industry has made available. Testosterone in boys and men has diminished in the past 25-30 years. The result: people like Trudeau.


Trudeau and his liberal party never fails to disapoint. Shameful, disgusting, are not strong enough words to express their core fibre.


I watched all “ney” their faces as they voted. Mothers, women, men, fathers…… truly saddened me.


I’m stuck with the clown Elizabeth May, but hopefully not after the election. I had thought she would be a lock for reelection, but she’s actually got a very good and credible conservative challenger. This riding used to be conservative too, hoping it switches back. I am just appalled at this vote.


Part of the destruction of Canada is what has been done to our laws by these so called social justice warriors, all the different splinter groups of Canadian society created by these Lieberals have different laws no one is equal. A strong country must have equal fair laws across the country everyone must obey, that was part of our society that was respected and kept us all mostly secure and safe, no laws even to protect us at our borders, whatever these questionable politicians and their questionable judges feel like letting murderers in the country walk free, so it now… Read more »


Tori Stafford is not a Muslim. If she was a Muslim, the murderer, if white, would never see daylight nor be transferred to a cozy relaxing center. Furthermore, jihadi Justin would cry bitterly for the child.
That entire liberal party and their media are ‘parties of crimes

Dale Evjen

Belligerent & obnoxious Lieberal!