[UPDATED] – DISGUSTING: Radical Leftist Identified As Jordan Hunt Roundhouse Kicks Pro-Life Woman In Toronto (VIDEO)


The ‘man’ who kicked Marie Claire Bissonnette has been identified as Jordan Hunt. In an Instagram post, Noble Studio 101 said they had terminated his employment as a result of his actions:

“GOOD: Jordan Hunt – who roundhouse kicked a pro-life woman – has been fired. Great job by Noble Studio 101.”


Previous updates below:

This is the extremism and hatred of the left.

In Toronto, a pro-life woman was debating abortion with a soy-eating radical leftist.

The conversation seemed to be proceeding reasonably, until the radical leftist abruptly launched a roundhouse kick at the woman.

The video can be seen below:

This is the hatred of the radical left. Instead of just disagreeing with people, they want to silence and destroy those who dare to question them or express a different view.

Of course, don’t expect Justin Trudeau to make a statement about this, as he only seems to care about hate crimes and violence against his own favorite groups.

The woman who was kicked – Marie Claire Bissonnette – wrote about it at lifesitenews:

“He then forcefully roundhouse-kicked me in the shoulder, which sent my phone flying and I yelled for someone to call the police. In defence of his violence he claimed he’d meant to kick my phone, and then, as a fellow Life Chain participant dialed 9-1-1, he yanked off the ribbon I’d been wearing on my chest and ran away, heading east on Bloor.

A police car arrived, five to ten minutes later. The policemen rolled down their window but did not exit their vehicle.

I approached them and told them I was just assaulted and explained the situation. I showed them the video. They replied, “What do you want us to do about it?”.

As I was on the verge of tears and shaking from the adrenaline, I didn’t know what to say. I asked what my options were, and they replied that I could file a complaint, but warned that I’d have to take him to court, and only if they were able to find him, but given that it wasn’t a “serious case of assault”, he’d be likely to be given probation or less.”

With the corrupt government structure and media elites increasingly infested by radical leftists, we can only expect the violence and hatred of the radical left to worsen over time.

Conservatives and the common-sense Canadian People must have the courage to push back and stand up for ourselves.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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