Hypocrite Trudeau Claims To Disavow Negative Politics, Then Attacks Lisa Raitt As “Ambulance Chaser”

Trudeau = Hypocrite

Justin Trudeau recently said the Liberals wouldn’t go negative in the upcoming election, saying they would avoid “personal attacks” and would run a positive campaign.

But less than a day later, he went negative on the Conservatives, attacking them for wanting to put brutal killer Terri-Lynne McClintic behind bars.

He called Lisa Raitt and the Conservatives “ambulance-chasing politicians,” and then doubled down on it afterwards.

Total hypocrisy.

As I said on Twitter, Canadians are sickened by it:

“Justin Trudeau doesn’t attack people who commit evil acts, he attack those who point out those evil acts. When you think of what that says about his mindset, it’s incredibly disturbing.”


“Justin Trudeau and the Liberals chose to side with a brutal murderer, instead of standing with the father of an innocent 8-year-old girl who was horribly killed. Canadians are sickened by this so-called ‘government.'”


Trudeau’s hypocrisy is so bad that even some of the mainstream media had to admit it:

“So @JustinTrudeau calls @lraitt an ‘ambulance chaser’ for questioning him on the Tori Stafford killer being put in an indigenous healing lodge. Refuses to apologize when Raitt said it offended her as a lawyer. He refuses and says the house should behave better. Hmmm.”

“After reviewing the tape — PMJT was gesturing at , who had asked him a question, and caller her and her colleagues “a party of ambulance-chasing politicians.””


Here’s the video of the sickening hypocrite:

What we are seeing is one of Trudeau’s most persistent traits: He accuses his political opponents of exactly what he’s doing. He projects everything negative onto others.

He said the next election would be the most negative ever, but claimed he would be positive. Now, he’s the one going negative, trying to demonize his opponents and divide Canadians.

He’s a total disgrace to the country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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