Hypocrite Trudeau Claims To Disavow Negative Politics, Then Attacks Lisa Raitt As “Ambulance Chaser”

Trudeau = Hypocrite

Justin Trudeau recently said the Liberals wouldn’t go negative in the upcoming election, saying they would avoid “personal attacks” and would run a positive campaign.

But less than a day later, he went negative on the Conservatives, attacking them for wanting to put brutal killer Terri-Lynne McClintic behind bars.

He called Lisa Raitt and the Conservatives “ambulance-chasing politicians,” and then doubled down on it afterwards.

Total hypocrisy.

As I said on Twitter, Canadians are sickened by it:

“Justin Trudeau doesn’t attack people who commit evil acts, he attack those who point out those evil acts. When you think of what that says about his mindset, it’s incredibly disturbing.”


“Justin Trudeau and the Liberals chose to side with a brutal murderer, instead of standing with the father of an innocent 8-year-old girl who was horribly killed. Canadians are sickened by this so-called ‘government.'”


Trudeau’s hypocrisy is so bad that even some of the mainstream media had to admit it:

“So @JustinTrudeau calls @lraitt an ‘ambulance chaser’ for questioning him on the Tori Stafford killer being put in an indigenous healing lodge. Refuses to apologize when Raitt said it offended her as a lawyer. He refuses and says the house should behave better. Hmmm.”

“After reviewing the tape — PMJT was gesturing at , who had asked him a question, and caller her and her colleagues “a party of ambulance-chasing politicians.””


Here’s the video of the sickening hypocrite:

What we are seeing is one of Trudeau’s most persistent traits: He accuses his political opponents of exactly what he’s doing. He projects everything negative onto others.

He said the next election would be the most negative ever, but claimed he would be positive. Now, he’s the one going negative, trying to demonize his opponents and divide Canadians.

He’s a total disgrace to the country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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No, it doesn’t sting, you pathetic POS, it is a childish attempt at an insult from a loser who resorts to name calling.

Don Taylor

Canadians cant stand the sight of this poor excuse as a Canadian ,he is a low class ah-le

D Me

Trudeau is despicable! I guess he refers to Tori Stafford’s father as an “ambulance chaser” too. Justinass should do Canada a favour and RESIGN!


There is something that is seriously wrong with this individual.

fred Dimmick

Arrogant, insensitive elitist pig, like his father. I am so tired of the left knowing what’s best for everyone!

Let's laugh

Keep it up Justine. You have a year left to offend every Canadian citizen
then you get a chance to count your votes. Good bye Soros puppet.

Moe. S.

Trudeau’s has selective moral outrage, obviously the murder of the 13 yr.old from B.C. and murder of this 8 yr. old child does not warrant his outrage. Calling Lisa Raitt an “ambulance chaser” is typical Trudeau when he can’t take an opponent down with an argument he reverts to name calling or throws a label on them i.e., Islamophobia, racist, bigot, ambulance chaser, etc. Lisa Raitt should have called him a smug, two-faced, flaky feminist.


Worst PM..


My ex boss was just like Trudeau. He believes he is above the rules; thinks policies and procedures do not apply to himself; hires family members; and attacks anyone who questions his behavior. I had to walk away after witnessing his hypocrisy for over 5 years. I quit and am the happier for it. That’s my advice to anyone who’s a Liberal and sees Trudeau’s hypocrisy: #justwalkaway


That is a sad fact with these U.N. foreign run LIEberal Globalists, they are run by foreign dictators and people who have destroyed countries, who are now destroying our country. No law abiding citizens can be left standing and there are very few places left to run to that are. The only chance left is to fix our own country, get our security and fair equal law and order across the land, get rid of the people who will not follow our laws, including this unfair, chaos, pretend, nasty debt driving foreign run LIEberals, they must be gone the lying… Read more »

Robert Jenner

What about the rest of liberal caucus and the NDP voting against this, publish all the names and how they voted. Easier to remember for the next election.

Mike Allan

So happy that the America is standing strong against this terrorist regime.The UN seems to have no problem staying in bed with terrorist iran.As we no the socialist UN is very much like libtard Canadian voters and little trudeau.


the self absorbed fool has no concept of reality any longer. if you do not agree with him- you are a hater, racist, bigot, terrorist, homophobe, un Canadian and an enemy.