PATHETIC: Trudeau Government Trans Mountain ‘Plan’ Has No Timeline, May Lead To Cancellation Of The Expansion

A total disgrace.

The Trudeau government has announced their new ‘plan’ for the Trans Mountain Pipeline, following the court ruling that blocked it.

And the ‘plan’ is a total disgrace.

It was announced by Amarjeet Sohi, and here are a few key points:

  • There’s no timeline for new Indigenous consultations – which means there’s no timeline for when construction can start.
  • There won’t be new federal legislation to assert the government’s authority to build the project in the national interest.
  • And the project has now been opened up to total cancellation. When Sohi was asked if TMX will not proceed, he said “I will not presuppose the decision that cabinet will make.”

Not only is this a big loss for the energy industry, it’s yet another example of how Rachel Notley’s ‘trust Trudeau’ plan has failed miserably, as Jason Kenney noted on Twitter:

“When might Trans Mountain construction begin? 1 year? 2 years? 3 years? @SohiAmarjeet won’t answer. The Premier has spent the last three years betting everything on Justin Trudeau and Albertans have nothing to show for it – except a carbon tax on the necessities of everyday life.”

“Trudeau govt officially confirms no Supreme Court appeal of Trans Mountain ruling. Also clear that no new federal legislation is coming. Trudeau has now rejected both of the Premier’s demands. No clarity on when construction might begin. This alliance isn’t working for Alberta.”

Justin Trudeau has failed miserably on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, and the continued weakness of the government is pathetic.

This all should have been easily dealt with a long time ago, and it should have been a privately funded project. Instead, the Trudeau government ended up spending billions of our taxpayer dollars to buy a pipeline, then failed to get it started even under their own approval process.

And now, it may be cancelled outright.

Truly awful.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube