PATHETIC: Trudeau Government Trans Mountain ‘Plan’ Has No Timeline, May Lead To Cancellation Of The Expansion

A total disgrace.

The Trudeau government has announced their new ‘plan’ for the Trans Mountain Pipeline, following the court ruling that blocked it.

And the ‘plan’ is a total disgrace.

It was announced by Amarjeet Sohi, and here are a few key points:

  • There’s no timeline for new Indigenous consultations – which means there’s no timeline for when construction can start.
  • There won’t be new federal legislation to assert the government’s authority to build the project in the national interest.
  • And the project has now been opened up to total cancellation. When Sohi was asked if TMX will not proceed, he said “I will not presuppose the decision that cabinet will make.”

Not only is this a big loss for the energy industry, it’s yet another example of how Rachel Notley’s ‘trust Trudeau’ plan has failed miserably, as Jason Kenney noted on Twitter:

“When might Trans Mountain construction begin? 1 year? 2 years? 3 years? @SohiAmarjeet won’t answer. The Premier has spent the last three years betting everything on Justin Trudeau and Albertans have nothing to show for it – except a carbon tax on the necessities of everyday life.”

“Trudeau govt officially confirms no Supreme Court appeal of Trans Mountain ruling. Also clear that no new federal legislation is coming. Trudeau has now rejected both of the Premier’s demands. No clarity on when construction might begin. This alliance isn’t working for Alberta.”

Justin Trudeau has failed miserably on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, and the continued weakness of the government is pathetic.

This all should have been easily dealt with a long time ago, and it should have been a privately funded project. Instead, the Trudeau government ended up spending billions of our taxpayer dollars to buy a pipeline, then failed to get it started even under their own approval process.

And now, it may be cancelled outright.

Truly awful.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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When our incompetent government under the idiot Trudeau paid the shareholders of Kinder Morgan $4,500,000,000. for the Trans Mountain Pipeline the shareholders must have been literally laughing all the way to the bank.

Ben Eby

Buy and shut down the pipeline, which was the expected result from the Trudeau band of deeply immoral, criminalized politicians. The anti-oilsands puppeteer in Trudeau’s office, namely Gerald Butts, instigated this plan from the beginning. Buy the pipeline, let the fumbling begin until everything just goes away. Then find an excuse to shut it down. Unfortunately, most Canadians read nothing on politics, and are not aware that our the country is under clandestine siege, by the deep socialists, aided, abetted and encouraged by the despicable criminal, George Soros, and his close associate Barrack Obama. These socialist thugs and our own… Read more »


Still the obvious, we NEED a real FOR CANADA government, the sooner the better this U.N. etc. run LIEberal debt destruction and division of Canada must be stopped. our only choice must be unified, we must vote Conservative, and make them promise yet again, that this pipeline and others will be done in a timely manner as they have said already, plus. This appears to be our only recourse until Canada’s laws are changed so the whole country is treated fairly, honestly, with common sense and independent democracy, protected from outside forces including foreign charities and groups wanting special laws… Read more »


No one should be surprised. Trudeau has made it clear he wants to destroy Canada’s energy sector and so far he’s doing a great job of it. The only way things will improve is if we get rid of him and his destructive policies in the 2019 election. Let’s hope that’s not too late and as for Amarjeet Sohi he is just another Liberal Einstein.

Eric Blair

“Justin Trudeau has failed miserably on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion” is not the case Spencer, in fact, Trudeau along with Gerald Butts got wanted they wanted all along… no pipeline at all. Mission accomplished. According to Butts we are not looking at new pipeline routes but having no new pipelines at all… we are going into a fossil fuel free economy… wind farms and solar cell arrays just like he did with Ontario. The fact that it does not pay for itself is of no consequence to Butts and by implication Trudeau. Good thing is that the conservative sweep… Read more »


Again I must thank all the idiots in the east who fell for the propaganda the media was paid to push about the libs. After the promise of being given more money after groper boy was elected paid off for both parties. It got the groper elected with the help of foreign money backers, which elections canaduh has been informed of but doing nothing about. Since the provincial elections in ont/kbek decidedly going conservative, enough of the people have realized how utterly stupid they were in believing the media bs. It can be seen how they spin in favor of… Read more »

Jeffrey Savage

Check out that enthusiastic look on his face. He looks like a man that wishes he had a different portfolio. He looks like a lamb that has been sent out to the slaughter by his leader. He is aware that the enlightened news outlets will have a field day in criticizing this and his own political credibility is shot. Trudeau left him high and dry to provide his lousy news on his own.