Trudeau Is Already Trying To Interfere With Legault’s Plan To Restrict The Burka & Niqab In Quebec

Despite the vast majority of Quebec residents, and Canadians overall, wanting restrictions on the Niqab and Burka, Trudeau interferes once again.

Quebec’s incoming Premier Francois Legault is not even in power yet, and already Justin Trudeau is interfering.

Trudeau is ‘warning’ Legault about his plan to crack down on the Burka and Niqab.

Legault and the incoming CAQ government say that the Niqab and Burka (among other religious symbols) will be banned for public service workers in positions of authority, including teachers and police officers.

According to the CP, a spokesperson for the CAQ – Genevieve Guilbault – said the following about the plan:

“I think there is a major consensus among Quebecers that we need to have clear boundaries with that,” she said. “We always promised we would make sure to establish those boundaries — and we’ll do so.” Guilbault defended the plan, arguing that the government’s main goal will be “to integrate more and better immigrants that chose to come here.”

The CAQ says public service workers who refuse to abide by the policy will be terminated.

Legault made clear that the incoming government would be willing to use the Notwithstanding Clause to ensure their ban is put into effect.

“If we have to use the notwithstanding clause to apply what the majority of Quebecers want, we will do so,” said Legault.

But now, Trudeau is already interfering. Here’s what he said:

“Trudeau, however, insisted Wednesday that the clause should be reserved for “exceptional circumstances” and only deployed after lots of deep reflection about its broader ramifications.

“It’s not something that should be done lightly because to remove or avoid defending the fundamental rights of Canadians, I think it’s something with which you have to pay careful attention,” Trudeau, who represents a Montreal riding, said in French when asked about Legault’s plan.

“As you know very well, I’m not of the opinion that the state should be able to tell a woman what she can wear, nor what she cannot wear. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is there to protect our rights and our freedom.”‘

Trudeau is totally refusing to listen to what Quebec voters wanted. He’s standing against Western Values, and throwing his support behind a barbaric set of ideas that are totally out of place in Canada.

Legault should ignore Trudeau, and stand up for what common-sense people across Canada believe in.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

Maodeau or Fidel Jr?


Groper boy is digging himself even deeper. Hope the fools in his riding see him for what he is, a wanna be dictator who learned from pet & Castro.

Don Taylor

Canadians do not want what the idiot Trudeau wants when is he going to start listening to the people and what they want,it will be a bright day when this dictator is gone for good,the more people hear about him and what he wants is adding more distrust in this POS PM


I agree with Quebec on this topic


I would encourage Quebecois to rid themselves of Trudeau in the next election. He has made the island of Montreal his fiefdom where he and the Outremont/Westmount/ Mont Royal elites control of everything, including the illegal entry of migrants from around the world via New York state. The recent election of the CAQ is encouraging but Trudeau and his cabal still control Montreal.Imagine the leverage Quebec will have if they give Scheer a landslide win. If they can’t see their way clear to put the boots to Trudeau, I would encourage them to choose separation and give the rest of… Read more »

Sean Scully

Excellent article.


I’m used to seeing the face of the person I’m talking to. In fact, I’ve never experienced anything different here where I live in Canada. I have no issue with women who wear head scarves; that doesn’t seem as threatening. But I think if I started to all of a sudden start seeing women in my town in public wearing burqas and niqabs to hide their faces, I’d have a bit of a panic attack because I’d wonder where I was – did I teleport from here to Iran? How do I get back? Oh, wait. I didn’t? You mean… Read more »


I guess the very reasonable answer to all Canada’s huge mess and having our country destroyed is never ever vote for LIEberals/NDP again ever, not that I ever have. They LIE along with their twisted media.
I think each province needs to be able to vote to get rid of this Canada hating fake foreign puppet government destroying Canada. What was a democracy is failing before our eyes.


Trudeau should mind his own business and run the country not tell provinces how to run , he has made this mess and these articles of clothing should be banned for Canadians protection


This is what Quebecers want and this is one reason why they voted for Francois Legault. Not only in Quebec, but the majority of Canadians across the country want these Submissive and Barbaric religious symbols
banned. Francois Legault will listen to the citizens of Quebec who voted for him and his ideas, and NOT this “out of touch” Joke of a PM. I guess that Trudeau just doesn’t get it! The Liberals are being thrown out in every province. I wonder why??


Quebec should simply ban all face masking of any description that hides anything below eye level. No need to involve any religion. This would instantly restrict the fascist Antifa.


I really like Justin’s gaffes of late. He shoots himself in the foot like he doesn’t even care, like he is ruling Canada for life unchallenged. We shall see next year. Unless he bribes Canadians with their own money i.e. free stuff prior to the election.

Mel Kozun

Yes, Trudeau is correct, “The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is there to protect our rights and our freedom,” which includes FREEDOM FROM RELIGION as ruled by the Supreme Court of Canada. The SCC ruled that the content of the Charter on “Freedom of religion” means we have the right to be free FROM religion. This would mean that one doing business with the government has the right to be free from ANY religion – meaning if you don’t want service from someone dressed in “religious” garb, you are NOT violating their rights, they are violating YOURS by not allowing… Read more »


Burqas, hijabs are pro-sharia attires and since they are deaf, we repeat: NO SHARIA LAW IN CANADA.


When I see this comment, they are basically telling me as a woman that I CAN GO NAKED AS I PLEASE. : “As you know very well, I’m not of the opinion that the state should be able to tell a woman what she can wear, nor what she cannot wear. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is there to protect our rights and our freedom.”‘

Brian Dougan

Addendum to my comment about the Charter of Rights: The Quran is a Muslim cultural symbol; not a religious requirement. That is the consensus of religious scholars; the actual Koran–not religious opinion–makes no mention of face coverings for women. Therefore; it is not protected under our Charter of Rights. Go for it Quebec! While you’re at it; tell Trudope and his wife to wear one; I’m sick of seeing their faces.

Brock Blaszczyk

Dear Mr. Fernando, I am not a Trudeau supporter but what the new Premier of Quebec is trying to achieve with doing away with people’s personal religious symbols I think is wrong. I would like to refer to John Diefenbaker’s famous speech “ I am Canadian” which I believe sums up everything on what it means to be Canadian. In the third or fourth line it states “ Free to worship God in my own way.” The meaning of the words of all John Diefenbaker’s speech is what Canada has stood for over the last 150 years. Is what Canadian… Read more »


When will people understand that the hijab, burqa and other similar garments are NOT RELIGIOUS. They are pro-sharia garments. We have laws in Quebec and a fantastic legal system. Why would anyone encourage pro-sharia proponents to promote sharia law, a violent legal system. Crimes, rapes, and terrorist acts are committed by pro-sharia people. These women are raising their hands about their group identification.