Anti-Carbon Tax Coalition Keeps Growing, Doug Ford & Scott Moe Double Down On Fight

Manitoba is also now against Trudeau’s carbon tax, and the potential incoming Premier of New Brunswick is pledging to fight it as well.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe are doubling down on their fight against the Trudeau carbon tax, as Manitoba joins the fight as well.

Here’s what the Ontario Premier’s Office said in a press release:

“Today Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and Ontario Premier Doug Ford met to discuss how their two governments can continue to work together to fight the federal government’s plans to impose a carbon tax on Canadian families and businesses.

“Premier Ford is a strong voice in the fight against the carbon tax, and I want to thank him again for his commitment to intervene in Saskatchewan’s constitutional challenge against this damaging tax,” said Premier Moe. “I am pleased to announce that Saskatchewan will show the same support by intervening in support of Ontario’s constitutional challenge launched by Premier Ford on behalf of the people of Ontario.”

“A carbon tax, in any form, is the worst possible tax for the Canadian economy and Canadian families,” said Premier Ford. “All the carbon tax does is take money out of the pockets of workers, families and businesses, and instead fuel out-of-control government spending. We will fight this unfair, punishing tax with every tool at our disposal. In this fight we could ask for no better partner than Premier Moe and the Government of Saskatchewan.”

Ontario is intervening in the Government of Saskatchewan’s reference challenging the federal carbon tax, in addition to bringing its own reference to the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Today, Premier Moe announced Saskatchewan’s intention to intervene in Ontario’s recently launched reference challenge.

Saskatchewan has already released Prairie Resilience, a made-in-Saskatchewan climate plan that does not rely on imposing punishing carbon taxes, while Ontario is currently working on its own made-in-Ontario environment plan.”

With Manitoba announcing their opposition to the carbon tax, Trudeau’s allies are dwindling in number.

And now, he is likely to lose another province. In the recent New Brunswick election, the PCs won the most seats, but not a majority. Liberal Premier Brian Gallant is trying to stay in power, but is likely to lose the first test of confidence in the legislature. As a result, he will be out of power, and the PCs will form government. PC Leader Blaine Higgs says he will oppose the Trudeau carbon tax.

So, while Trudeau could once count on many provinces supporting his carbon tax, that support has now collapsed – with the anti-carbon tax coalition representing the clear majority of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ralph Knapp

It appears the Boy is in a fight he won’t win. All the carbon tax will do is lift more dollars from our already empty pockets and remove zero CO2 from the atmosphere. Meanwhile, the Boy will spend double the amount we provide and achieve nothing. Although he’s already an expert at doing just that, we shouldn’t provide him with any more money to continue taking us down the bankruptcy path.

Ron Voss

They could seriously double down by dropping support for the notion of man-made climate change, the foundation or root cause for a carbon tax.

Ray Decorby

And McKenna is “perplexed”…speaking for her condescending , diconnected, holyier than thou group think bubble.


Now if BC would get rid of their carbon tax, the first in Canada implemented by Liberal Premier Gordon “I am not a crook and a drunk driving alcoholic” Campbell…..