DISGRACEFUL: Justin Trudeau Had Time For Joshua Boyle, But Not Tori Stafford’s Father

What kind of crazy stuff is going on in Justin Trudeau’s head?

In the wake of the Trudeau Liberals voting against putting Tori Stafford’s killer Terri-Lynne McClintic back behind bars, people are pointing out an outrageous double-standard:

Justin Trudeau had time to meet with Joshua Boyle – who is now facing incredibly serious charges in court – yet hasn’t met with Tori Stafford’s father Rodney Stafford.

That was pointed out by Senator Linda Frum:

“But lots of time for Joshua Boyle.”

Frum was responding to this tweet below, which had quoted the Toronto Sun:

“Stafford was in Ottawa on Wednesday for the vote. Trudeau wouldn’t see him.”

And making things even worse – if that was possible – it appears the Prime Minister’s Office is lying by claiming they “reached out” to Rodney Stafford – even as he says they never did:

“UPDATE: PMO says the Prime Minister has directly responded to Rodney Stafford. I am awaiting details.”

“UPDATED AGAIN: Rodney Stafford tells me he has not heard from the Prime Minister or PMO. PMO told me earlier this afternoon the PM reached out directly to Stafford but hasn’t indicated how yet.”

All Canadians should be sickened by this. Justin Trudeau has time for the worst of the worst, yet true victims, and the families of true victims get ignored.

And then, Trudeau skipped out on a vote about putting McClintic back behind bars – while ordering his Liberals to vote against it – and attacked Lisa Raitt and the Conservatives as “ambulance chasers.”

The trend is now totally undeniable: Justin Trudeau is the enemy of law-abiding Canadians, and always puts lawbreakers first.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Les Doll

The way that Tori Stafford father found out about McClintics move to the healing lodge – From the article – “Service Canada was attempting to get in contact with me. I contacted Service Canada and, during that phone conversation regarding day passes for Terri-Lynne, the woman had mentioned that her upcoming one was going to be in Saskatchewan.” Day passes for Terri-Lynne? DAY PASSES? They wanted to give DAY PASSES to this violent psychopath child murderer? She microwaved a dog as a “youth”, stomped on an inmates face while in maximum security, and committed this horrendous crime and still has… Read more »


This is so sick you couldn t make it up. The debate or question as to incarceration in a low security pen to a zero security club occupied by families is proof of our bleeding heart liberal penal system run amok. The debate should be maximum security or death penalty . But NO one even talks about that in Canada any longer. Our liberal, soft pedaling penal system is rather well known for some time, but to have the government of the day including the PM actively support this move to put Canadians and children at risk should be impeachable… Read more »

Roger Shelswell

Trudeau only cares about the criminals. He does not care about the victims. He has proven this time and time again. It must get him off to see victims suffer more.H e is a terrible human being and has no right being the leader of anything let alone a great Christian country like Canada.


sent to a spa for murderers, Trudeau is an idiot! when will she get her ten million?


He and his Party get more disgusting every day. There likely are good people in the Caucus, but unfortunately, they are being lumped together with the Liberal elites. Many actually care for Canada but are doing so with the wrong political Party. Trudeau is dragging them down into the dung pit and they should seriously consider crossing the floor before the stink gets too deep. They were elected to represent their voters, not to be forced to obey someone who is clearly incapable of being the PM.

Do the right thing.

john jansen

the liberal party is so unbalanced , it should be brought in front of a court of law , for acting , like they can rule a law with out consultation with any body but mr trudeau , one person elected by a bunch of morons , to make all the decision with his bobble heads can say a female premeditaded killer can go to a healing lodge , with his parties consent , and the justice system says he is the man , for that is the law ????????????


They can never be good people by voting by “following orders”. Like Justine’s pappy said
“MPs are nothing more than trained seals” They only value their perk$.


Hello Spencer. You always have a way with words but your sentence /statement from this article, to me is (a word I rarely use) ‘Epic’ :

“The trend is now totally undeniable: Justin Trudeau is the enemy of law-abiding Canadians, and always puts lawbreakers first.”

Truer words could not be spoken. Hopefully an MP or two will quote you. The 2019 Federal Election can’t come fast enough. – Just my “non-butt kissing” 2 cents (LOL) & Thanks.

Steve Reeves

God I hate Trudeau!

Chaz Martel

Sock boy hates this country and everything it represents. Like Obama, he is a Manchurian Candidate who should never been elected. Yet, the citizens of otherwise free democracies keep on electing these barely disguised totalitarians who hate them. What self-destructive madness is this?


Unfortunately the track record of Liberals have shown they are criminals. Trudeau continues the liberal tradition of being a criminal. He does not represent the good honest citizens of this country. 2019 he must be gone.


TURKEY -TIME AGAIN Mr. Stafford must have appreciated that he was appealing to an idiot !


Trudeau supports terrorists, criminals hate against Canadians.