DISGRACEFUL: Justin Trudeau Had Time For Joshua Boyle, But Not Tori Stafford’s Father

What kind of crazy stuff is going on in Justin Trudeau’s head?

In the wake of the Trudeau Liberals voting against putting Tori Stafford’s killer Terri-Lynne McClintic back behind bars, people are pointing out an outrageous double-standard:

Justin Trudeau had time to meet with Joshua Boyle – who is now facing incredibly serious charges in court – yet hasn’t met with Tori Stafford’s father Rodney Stafford.

That was pointed out by Senator Linda Frum:

“But lots of time for Joshua Boyle.”

Frum was responding to this tweet below, which had quoted the Toronto Sun:

“Stafford was in Ottawa on Wednesday for the vote. Trudeau wouldn’t see him.”

And making things even worse – if that was possible – it appears the Prime Minister’s Office is lying by claiming they “reached out” to Rodney Stafford – even as he says they never did:

“UPDATE: PMO says the Prime Minister has directly responded to Rodney Stafford. I am awaiting details.”

“UPDATED AGAIN: Rodney Stafford tells me he has not heard from the Prime Minister or PMO. PMO told me earlier this afternoon the PM reached out directly to Stafford but hasn’t indicated how yet.”

All Canadians should be sickened by this. Justin Trudeau has time for the worst of the worst, yet true victims, and the families of true victims get ignored.

And then, Trudeau skipped out on a vote about putting McClintic back behind bars – while ordering his Liberals to vote against it – and attacked Lisa Raitt and the Conservatives as “ambulance chasers.”

The trend is now totally undeniable: Justin Trudeau is the enemy of law-abiding Canadians, and always puts lawbreakers first.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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