MANIPULATION: Trudeau Government Switched ‘Illegal Border Crossing’ To ‘Irregular’ On Federal Website

Once again, the Trudeau government bends over for those who violate Canada’s laws.

As the ongoing illegal border crossing crisis ramped up, the Ford government in Ontario accurately referred to the crossings as ‘illegal.’

It was accurate, because that is exactly what the crossings are.

The crossings are illegal, and no amount of government spin can change that simple and fundamental truth.

But that’s still not stopping the government from trying to spin it.

According to a recent report, the federal government was caught switching “illegal” to “irregular” multiple times on the federal immigration website – at the exact time the fight with the Ford government was escalating:

“The change in July came 18 months after the web page, titled “Claiming asylum in Canada – what happens?,” was first published — and just one day after federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen suggested the provincial Progressive Conservatives were mistaken in the way they were describing the status of people entering Canada at non-official entry points.

Throughout the web page, which is intended to provide information on Canada’s asylum laws, the words “illegal” and “illegally” were switched to “irregular” or “irregularly” in six separate instances on July 10, 2018.”

Now, the website says “The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) play an instrumental role in protecting Canada’s border, deterring and intercepting irregular entry to Canada and keeping Canadians safe. CBSA, the RCMP and its domestic and international partners work together to intercept individuals who enter Canada irregularly.”

Unfortunately, while the initial CBC report shares important info, they don’t take the next step and reach the obvious conclusion: The Trudeau government has been caught manipulating a federal website to try and deceive Canadians.

The Ford government was right, and the Trudeau government was wrong. But instead of admit it, the Trudeau Liberals changed the wording on a website to obscure the reality of what’s going on.

It’s a flat-out lie.

Canadians know the truth: Illegal border crossings are illegal, and if the Trudeau Liberals are unwilling to enforce our laws, they need to be replaced with a government that does.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

canadians will remember all of Turdeau Sneaky moves at the next election and people will remind all of Canada

sandra c

There is nothing “irregular” about the Illegal Border Crossing. It’s not happening a few days here and there, nor is it an irregular amount of people, like a few each day or a few three times a month. It’s a regular, heavy and steady flow of people coming through, illegally, each and every day in great numbers to bypass our laws and security in order to free-load off of Canadians who are out working hard and being forced to pay taxes so these illegals can have everything handed to them. The Liberal Government is conning us and using words that… Read more »



Norbert Kausen

That is because they know what is happening is ILLEGAL , that we know it and they are attempting to hoodwink us yet again! Trudeau and his gang of miscreants have committed treason and malfeasance! They should be charged accordingly! Trudeau is Canada’s “Vidkun Quisling”, the Norweigan traitor in WW2, collaborating with the global elite and Chinese to willfully and successfully destroy Canada!

shawn harris

Trudeau is doing the same thing again as he did in the past with his carribean vacation, that cost Canadians more than $ 250,000. Back then , as now he used denials, lies, deceit and obfuscations to mislead and deflect attention away from the truth of his actions. Trudeau is so locked into his far left socialist ideology, that he can never give an intelligent answer or well thought out reasoning for whatever he does. His first instinct, isn’t being honest or admitting his guilt, it is to deny , lie, deceive, deflect and obfuscate. Canadians have come to understand… Read more »

|Edward Kennedy

One word for the LPC…LIARS