UH OH: Ahmed Hussen Says Canada Will “Lead The Charge” On UN Global Refugee Plan

Get ready for even more open borders globalism.

In an op-ed for Macleans, Ahmed Hussen says Canada will “lead the charge” on the UN Global Refugee Plan.

Here’s part of what he said about the so-called ‘Compact’:

“The Compact’s goals are, after all, ambitious. The first is clear: to ease the pressure on countries that welcome and host large numbers of refugees, currently mainly in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. Frontline countries like Turkey, Lebanon, Uganda or Bangladesh have argued that the impact of hosting hundreds of thousands or even millions of refugees is significant, especially as it’s often after a sudden influx. They are right: distributing safe drinkable water, putting kids in schools or providing maternal health care to pregnant women are logistical and costly endeavours. These countries are unfairly being asked to carry the burden simply as a result of their geography as they nobly keep their borders open to those fleeing for their lives from neighbouring states.”

So, he has nothing to say about Canadian Citizens being treated unfairly because of our tax dollars are going towards illegal border crossers, but now he’s worried about countries like Turkey being treated ‘fairly’?

‘Interesting’ priorities.

Here’s more of what he wrote:

“Discussions about welcoming refugees are often plagued by myths: that they are a burden to taxpayers, that they may steal jobs from locals, that their socio-cultural differences will lead to tensions. The politicization of the debate around some 10,000 asylum-seekers who crossed the border irregularly in Quebec this year is a stark reminder that no society is immune to populist rhetoric.”

Totally condescending and false.

He calls it a myth, while ignoring the fact that even the federal government had to admit that illegal border crossers (who he falsely claims are refugees, are costing hundreds of millions of dollars).

While Hussen later throws in a few perfunctory points about getting refugees to resettle back home, we know what this is really about.

The UN compact is another globalist effort to destroy national borders and take away our sovereignty as Canadians. The Trudeau government is outsourcing our refugee policy to the centralized power of the UN, which is deeply anti-democratic.

And Canadians were never consulted on this. In fact, polls show that Canadians want less immigration and fewer refugees, yet the government is doing the exact opposite.

This is globalism on steroids, and it’s very dangerous for the country.

Spencer Fernando

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